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Dissappointed - dlos - 04-21-2015

I have been a long time Cuisine Magazine Subscriber going back to the 90s (I think??). Today, having received an email notification about the new series of weeknight recipes, I placed my order and opted for the online access.

I opened the first issue online and to my disappointment, the majority of the recipes are recycled from old versions! Why?

Even in the regular annual subscription issues I have noticed more and more "old" recipes popping up in "new" issues.

Are cuisines pioneers gone? Is the incredible creativity waning?

Re: Dissappointed - cjs - 04-21-2015

Good morning, Dlos - I'm so sorry it is disappointment that has brought you to the forum. Until someone from C@H can come on with a better explanation, I will give it a try.

C@H is trying to reach as large an audience with their recipes/magazines/publications as possible, so it stands to reason duplicates will be in the different forms.

But, it does leave faithful subscribers in a quandary as to whether to order or not.

Re: Dissappointed - Trixxee - 04-21-2015

I just noticed an email this morning for that book too. Now I don't mind the newer format for the bi-monthly issues where they have several pages in the back with repeats - it refreshes my memory about some good ones, but I wouldn't out and out purchase a book that is mostly or all recipes that I can find in my current collection.

Re: Dissappointed - dlos - 04-21-2015

Trixee and cjs, thanks for the replies.

I don't mind repeats either, a few here and there anyway. This first issue had more than I could accept. That said, even with the repeats, if there were some new and exciting recipes I might could have overlooked the high rate of repetition.

My disappointment comes in more in the vain of overall let down on my long term membership with the lower number of "home run" recipes than anything else. I suppose it's hard to keep things going at the highest of levels forever. That said, Cuisine still ranks as one of the tops in my book for finding great recipes and learning new techniques!

Re: Dissappointed - cjs - 04-21-2015


Re: Dissappointed - cjs - 04-28-2015

Brian was on vacation and just got back to us on this problem - hope 'dlos' is still around!!

"What may be somewhat difficult to understand is that while subscribers (long term customers) purchase a large number of our books, the vast majority of our books are sold on the newsstand. Either to new customers or customers who have seen our content before, but never subscribed.

Oftentimes, recipes will be created for an issue of a magazine, but will then be repurposed in a book. For instance, if we are creating a book about “Soups”, we may take some of our more popular soup recipes from older issues and repurpose them in our books. For 99% of our customers, this will never be an issue. A very small percentage of our subscribers actually buy books…so it works out for us pretty well. That said, I TOTALLY understand how someone who buys a lot of CAH content could be upset by the duplications. It’s something we’ve discussed, and we certainly don’t want to upset our best customers…so we do our best to try and mix in new content as well. Recipe creation is difficult (as you know)…it’s tough to constantly come up with new ideas or new takes on existing recipes. If a recipe is successful, we want to reuse that from a business perspective, but also so that more of our customers can experience it. Obviously that can upset some customers at times.

All that said, we have one of the most liberal customer service policies that I’ve ever seen. At any point, if a customer is not happy with a purchase, they should call customer service at 1-800-311-3995 and talk with our great representatives. They will do all they can to make our customers happy…especially our most loyal, long-term customers. We don’t want anyone to feel cheated and will make it right.

Hope that helps!