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Wednesday's Dinner, 4/29/15?? - cjs - 04-29-2015

What's on the menu for everyone today??

Maryann, I'm finally cooking out of Ruhlman's Braising book - the Wine-braised short ribs. with some egg noodles and maybe some fruit.

Re: Wednesday's Dinner, 4/29/15?? - Trixxee - 04-29-2015

I ran out of steam yesterday afternoon and Michael had an incredible amount of homework/studying to do for World History that I needed to pitch in with so we just had some of the frittata I made for lunch so today it will be the chicken minestrone soup.

Re: Wednesday's Dinner, 4/29/15?? - Mare749 - 04-29-2015

Can't wait to hear how you like the short ribs, Jean. I'm glad you mentioned this because there were several recipes in that book that I wanted to try.

Dinner tonight will be grilled chicken with rice and peas.

Re: Wednesday's Dinner, 4/29/15?? - losblanos1 - 04-29-2015

Today it's Chinese almond chicken with fried rice.

Re: Wednesday's Dinner, 4/29/15?? - cjs - 04-29-2015

Oh my word, Maryann - these short ribs were just wonderful. The recipe is from a book she recommended and I couldn't stay away from... Michael Ruhlman's Braising book.

[Image: Apr%2029%20Braised%20Short%20Ribs%20Plat...qt8ptd.jpg]

Re: Wednesday's Dinner, 4/29/15?? - karyn - 04-29-2015

Jean, that looks amazing!

I had a super long day, so John and I went out to a quick and easy dinner at the local tavern. It made me feel old, however....I needed my maglight app to read the menu. Dinner however, was terrific! They make an awesome black and blue burger.

Re: Wednesday's Dinner, 4/29/15?? - Mare749 - 04-29-2015

Your picture looks even better than Ruhlman's. Wow. I really have to get some short ribs and make that dish! So glad you were pleased.

Re: Wednesday's Dinner, 4/29/15?? - cjs - 04-30-2015

Thanks Maryann. My pkg. of ribs was so small that I had gobs of the jus left over, so I froze 5 pkgs. of it and I think it will be a great addition to the liquid for rice, noodles, etc.

Re: Wednesday's Dinner, 4/29/15?? - Mare749 - 04-30-2015

That happened to me when I made the recipe for lamb shanks. So much jus leftover that I put it into a freezer container to use another time. I like your ideas. Never thought to divide it up.

Re: Wednesday's Dinner, 4/29/15?? - Gourmet_Mom - 04-30-2015

Looks AMAZING!!!

We got home so late from a follow up doctor visit for William, we just decided to have leftover pasta salad. I wish we could have stayed longer to see how OS's gumbo turned out. His roux was beautiful! It was the color of dark chocolate. He used an old Justin Wilson recipe.