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OT---my birthday gift - Mare749 - 05-26-2015

Have to say, the family really surprised me with this one. Didn't think anyone was actually listening when I mentioned this a few weeks ago. Of course they are going to expect some pretty spectacular bread afterwards.

Re: OT---my birthday gift - cjs - 05-26-2015

Wow!! We're all going to be learning some new skills!!! Have fun and report back.

Re: OT---my birthday gift - Cubangirl - 05-26-2015

What a wonderful gift! Happy belated birthday, sorry I missed it. When I first got Reinhart's book, I perused it, but was too intimidated to try anything from it on my own. The old CI board had a thread on it, and I did try one of the breads successfully. I look forward to hearing about what you learn from each class. Don't forget to take stage pictures.

Re: OT---my birthday gift - karyn - 05-26-2015

What fun, Maryann! I hope you love the experience and can't wait to hear about it!!

Re: OT---my birthday gift - Mare749 - 06-05-2015

Bringing this back to the top for Jean. If you click on the link in my first post, you will see the three classes that I will start next Wednesday evening. That was my birthday present from the family. The online class on (also taught by Peter Reinhart) is one that I bought myself.

Re: OT---my birthday gift - cjs - 06-05-2015

Thanks Maryann - now, I'm with you! How fun this will be.

Re: OT---my birthday gift - Gourmet_Mom - 06-05-2015

This is so exciting, Maryann!!!!