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I Love Amazon!! - cjs - 08-10-2015

In the 70s I collected the Time-Life World Cooking (or something like that) Series. I learned to give dinner parties using them.

One that old friends believe it or not still mention was the recipe for Coquilles St. Jacques from the Provincial French book. Fast forward, what 40+ years and on the 28 of Aug. a group of us are doing a seafood dinner and when I mentioned this dish, everyone wants to try it.

The books are in storage and I have no idea where!! So I've been searching everywhere - online, old forum postings, my save on the computer..... nada.

Then I checked out Amazon and lo and behold - a used one for $ .50!!!!! I'd have paid $25.00 for it! And, it will be her by the 20th with plenty of time. Wow, this just blows me away. So, I will have a copy to send to someone after we get unpacked!!


Re: I Love Amazon!! - labradors - 08-10-2015

Yep. And for an even broader search, that includes Amazon, remember

Re: I Love Amazon!! - cjs - 08-10-2015

I have them on a list somewhere, too.

Re: I Love Amazon!! - Gourmet_Mom - 08-10-2015

I'm glad you found it, Jean! But what IS the dish?

Re: I Love Amazon!! - Mare749 - 08-10-2015

Yummy scallops, Daphne.

Re: I Love Amazon!! - cjs - 08-11-2015

Scallops topped with a creamy wine sauce, toast crumbs and broiled- served in a scallop shell. 'coquille' is French for shell.

It's gone out of fashion over the years, but it really is a classic.

Re: I Love Amazon!! - Gourmet_Mom - 08-11-2015

Oh my, that does sound good!

Re: I Love Amazon!! - Mare749 - 08-11-2015

Jean, are those the books that Roxanne used to talk about all the time?

Re: I Love Amazon!! - cjs - 08-11-2015

No, I don't think so. I think what she has (and I have also) are The Beautiful Books from around the world.

The series I'm talking about came with a hard-cover 'beautiful' book plus a spiral bound smaller book with all the recipes. (the larger book also had some of the reipes)

Re: I Love Amazon!! - foodfiend - 08-11-2015

Jean, I just finished reading 2 books by Elizabeth Bard-- "Lunch in Paris" and "Picnic in Provence" and your post reminded me that I wanted to recommend these to you all. Creative nonfiction with recipes-- what could be more fun???