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O.T. - An Event Tomorrow - cjs - 08-21-2015

I’m doing a Family Day event in Bremerton tomorrow for the Navy. Roy had the best idea to make a holder for the picture of my ‘Dad’ (step-dad, but my Dad) graduating in 1942 to have on the table where we will be selling cookbooks and offering cookies to the families. It should be a fun day!

Co. 105-‘42” R.J. Lamprey. C.B.M. Co. Comdr. Feb. 13, 1942
U.S. Naval Training Station, Great Lakes, Ill
[Image: Dad%20Graduating_zps4ef0h17h.jpg]

Every naval picture we have of my French Dad, he is the only one ever with the tilted hat!!! Love it!!
[Image: Dad%20with%20the%20tilted%20hat_zpsvktyd9zl.jpg]

My door prize offering – a set of cookbooks
[Image: Aug%2020%20Door%20Pirze%20set%20of%20coo...jjuq2t.jpg]

If this one goes well, they have some more coming up…..

Re: O.T. - An Event Tomorrow - Gourmet_Mom - 08-21-2015

I LOVE the photo! And the tilted hat is so ADOREABLE!

And how exciting! Go get'em! Can't wait to hear how it goes!

Re: O.T. - An Event Tomorrow - mjkcooking - 08-21-2015

Jean. You will have a ball.

If we were in NW we would come over.

Next time

Hope all goes well


Re: O.T. - An Event Tomorrow - cjs - 08-22-2015

Thanks Daphne. Wouldn't that have been fun, Marye!

Re: O.T. - An Event Tomorrow - Mare749 - 08-22-2015

Have a wonderful day, Jean.

Re: O.T. - An Event Tomorrow - Harborwitch - 08-22-2015

Jean that sounds like such a fun thing to do . . . and how wonderful!

Re: O.T. - An Event Tomorrow - cjs - 08-23-2015

Oh wow! What a day. I just loved talking to all those military families. I was practically in tears all day. They are the best of the best and I'm so glad I did this do. Didn't make much money, sold a few books, but gave away 3, so probably in the hole.

I may hear back from some of them, we'll see.

Roy's idea to take my Dad's pictures was perfect. It got the guys talking to us about training, etc. while the kids were busy answering Roy's questions to win cookie recipe cards and the wives were checking out cookbooks. Win, win!