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Recipe Help! - cjs - 09-17-2015

I have plums coming out of my ears!! I want to make a plum cobbler and one of the recent issues of C@H had a fruit cobbler/pie using pastry squares for the top crust.

It looked so pretty, I want to do this with my cobbler. Anyone remember this one?

I didn't do anything but drool over the picture, so not sure exactly what the method was. Just squares randomly arranged on top? Brushed with anything??

Re: Recipe Help! - DFen911 - 09-17-2015

Jean what kind of plums are they?

Re: Recipe Help! - losblanos1 - 09-17-2015

Jean, was it the slab pie from issue #105?

Re: Recipe Help! - cjs - 09-17-2015

Denise, they are Italian plums and so darn juicy and good.

thanks Blane, and while this one looks good, what I remember seeing is haphazardly placed small squares of pie dough. Shoot, maybe it wasn't even C@H.

Anyway, I ended up doing a lattice topping. Sure is a good cobbler.

Re: Recipe Help! - losblanos1 - 09-17-2015

Maybe it was the Cherry Pandowdy from issue 112.

Re: Recipe Help! - cjs - 09-17-2015

THAT'S IT!!! Doesn't it look yummy?? Thanks Blane. Now, I guess I'll have to make another one... sigh

Re: Recipe Help! - DFen911 - 09-18-2015

Oh Jean I found a tree on our property and they are wonderful! I made a plum sauce and canned it. I also dehydrated 5 lbs of them for pork and beef stew type dishes.

Re: Recipe Help! - cjs - 09-18-2015

Since all my 'stuff' is still in storage, I've decided not to beat myself up about letting so many plums and crabapples go to waste (or the deer or neighbors who have stopped by to pick) this year. Next year when I'm back in operation, watch out!!