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Re: Secret Santa This Year? 2015 - cjs - 12-30-2015

Off to start a new thread for all of us.

Re: Secret Santa This Year? - DFen911 - 01-01-2016

Ok my SS knows me too well. I had so much fun opening each goody!

Let's all enjoy - From left to right we have some sweet heat jalapeno preserves. That is our appetizer for tonight Then in the back is a container of homemade sweet chex mix. Derek laughed and said "Oh she knows of your addiction to chex mix?". Up top in the back are some serious candies - wine jellies. I think those will last maybe 3 days Further right are 'Pecan Pie" pecans. And if I don't get the recipe I'm releasing the hounds. In the front left are wild hibiscus flowers in syrup. And this is PERFECT timing!! My next batch of kombucha will done fermenting in 3 weeks and I really wanted to do hibiscus. Booyah! Behind on the bottom is a tea sampler. And then in front some fun cocktail napkins. (again we were almost out so I'm really wondering how she nailed so many things...)


Re: Secret Santa This Year? - karyn - 01-02-2016

Well done, Daphne!!

Re: Secret Santa This Year? - Gourmet_Mom - 01-05-2016

Okay, I've been putting this post off. Let's see if I can get through this without crying.

Aside from Jane's (?) WONDERFUL pickled asparagus that I LOVE, that I'm saving for our birthday, and their spicy homemade snack mix, that is addictive, there was another gift that was super special.

Tonight, I looked it up. The red package in the background is a box of Pangburn's Millionaires. And sure enough, they originated in Texas. These candies are my MOST favorite candies. But there is a story behind this love.

I loved my daddy dearly. And I miss him so much, especially when I cook a dish that was his favorite. And if it was one I remember him making, it is even more special. There is a long list. Anyway, when I was growing up, my mother baked up goodies for neighbors and friends. One year, I remember my daddy adding a goody to the box. He had gotten a recipe for Millionairres. He was so excited about them. We both shared a love for chocolate, caramel, and nuts. I remember us in the kitchen, making those Millionaires together every time I eat one. It is a treasured memory.

Oddly enough, my mother finally copied her recipe notebook of recipes from family and friends for me and the kids this year for Christmas. I finally put mine together today. And there was that Millionare recipe, along with many of his others. So I thought I'd share.

Anyway, Bill and Jane, you struck gold with that gift. It made my Christmas and stirred a very special memory. Thank you.

Re: Secret Santa This Year? - cjs - 01-05-2016

Well, I didn't get thru this without a tear! What a loving memory for you, Daphne! Good job, Bill & Jane.

Re: Secret Santa This Year? - losblanos1 - 01-05-2016

That's beautiful Daphne.

Re: Secret Santa This Year? - Old Bay - 01-06-2016

Thank YOU, Daphne. You made our day, Love, Bill & Jane.

Re: Secret Santa This Year? - cjs - 01-07-2016

Using the last of the Foie Gras for French Toast was absolutely awesome!!! - posted in Wed. dinner thread. Wow.

Re: Secret Santa This Year? - cjs - 01-12-2016

Shall we let this Christmas go to the attic??

Has everyone posted all their goodies???

going, going, gone. See ya next year.

Re: Secret Santa This Year? - losblanos1 - 01-18-2016

I just wanted to add this. I made French toast last night using the Hibiscus flower syrup. Awesome! Thank you again Karyn.