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Quiche fest - Roxanne 21 - 04-01-2006

I hosted a brunch today for eight and made several types of quiches with different salads for sides.

I broke one of my hard and fast rules--served a dish that I had never made before---the CRAB and SCALLION quiche from Issue 56 (I received it yesterday---much earlier than usual!!!) Anyway---this quiche was a MEGA hit---everyone loved it and it was the first to be consumed---the pastry is sooo easy to make and very tasty---the cream cheese and powdered sugar sounded really weird, but I tried it and what a pleasant surprise!!! The filling was superb---just the right touch of all the flavors and ohhh so light!!!
John is right----men really do love it!!

Other quiches---the usual Quiche Lorraine and salmon pie (almost a quiche that is DH's favorite with a cucumber sauce).

If any of you like quiches---try the crab---you will love it.
Chat tomorrow after dinner #2-----Have a nice remainder of the week-end!!