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WHAAAAA!!!!!!!!! - Roxanne 21 - 11-24-2015

We are unable to get turkeys!!!!! The avian flu scare in the US has created a NON import scenario.....I WILL NOT PURCHASE those tiny tasteless Brazilian "pouissons" that they call turkey. SIGH!!!!! SAD----VERY SAD!!!

We used to be able to get Jenni-O's or Prestage---maybe later in the year. Not sure what to do for T-day---will think of something.

Re: WHAAAAA!!!!!!!!! - Mare749 - 11-24-2015

That's a shame, Roxanne! Especially since it's one of those meals that we are used to looking forward to once a year.

Not sure if you saw Jean's post on facebook yesterday, but she had a great idea for doing a leg of lamb for the holidays. That would be pretty tasty too, IMO. Just a thought...

Re: WHAAAAA!!!!!!!!! - cjs - 11-24-2015

Thanks Maryann - the lamb is really a good one! I'll post the recipe if you'd like, Roxanne, but I just noticed you're having lamb today.... let me know.

Re: WHAAAAA!!!!!!!!! - Gourmet_Mom - 11-25-2015

Roxanne, William has been talking about that for weeks. He was so afraid I had waited to late to buy mine. I'm sorry. I hope you are able to make a nice meal to enjoy anyway.