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Monday's Dinner-- 12/07/2015? - Mare749 - 12-07-2015

Jean must still be feeling awful or she would have posted by now. So, I'll start the thread for today.

Saw a recipe on FB for orange chicken in the crockpot that sounds nice and easy, so going to try that today. Will have some jasmine rice and fresh broccoli on the side.

Come back soon, Jean. You are sorely missed!!!

Re: Monday's Dinner-- 12/07/2015? - Trixxee - 12-07-2015

Freezer diving today - lasagna. I will make a green salad on the side.

Michael wants French toast and bacon.

Re: Monday's Dinner-- 12/07/2015? - cjs - 12-07-2015

Thanks Maryann. Just checking in - still under the weather, this cold is a really bad one for me. Roy got some stronger drugs for me, so we'll see how soon they kick in.

Milk toast for me and freezer diving for him. At least I know I'm not an alcoholic been without a glass of wine for 3 days and no withdrawals!!

Re: Monday's Dinner-- 12/07/2015? - karyn - 12-07-2015

Feel better Jean and Roy!

We're having a crock pot dinner as well...farro risotto with chicken and mushrooms. I'll served roasted broccolini on the side.

Re: Monday's Dinner-- 12/07/2015? - Gourmet_Mom - 12-07-2015

I'm sorry your still under the weather, Jean! I hope the new meds work!

Ashley is under the weather, too. So she requested an old family dish that I revived last year. It's a dish that uses leftover rice. You render some country ham cut up small, add canned tomatoes, cook them down a little, use a stick blender, leaving chunks of tomato, if you like, and add the rice. (Mom always used tomato juice when we were kids that she canned during the summer.). Mom usually served it with fried corn bread, but Ashley wanted grilled cheese.

My sick one went to bed happy.

Re: Monday's Dinner-- 12/07/2015? - losblanos1 - 12-07-2015

Tarragon cream chicken with roasted asparagus.