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Anova Precision Cooker - cjs - 12-26-2015

Think we need a thread for this...

Just read this in the description - what the h--- does this mean? I don't have a smart phone and don't plan to get one.

"The Anova Precision Cooker is the perfect device for the home chef. It's easy-to-use, lightweight, and connects to your smartphone, allowing you to cook the perfect meal with the touch of a button."

Re: Anova Precision Cooker - Roxanne 21 - 12-26-2015


Re: Anova Precision Cooker - Cubangirl - 12-26-2015

You don't need a smart phone to use it. If you do have one, it just lets you control the cooker remotely. It is great. I have a Sansaire and then got the Anova. The latter is smaller, quieter and super easy to use. We had sous vide top sirloin steaks for Christmas dinner that were as tender at medium rare as NY strips or fillets but with more beefy flavor. It is a great tool to cook, set it and forget it and not overcook food.

Re: Anova Precision Cooker - labradors - 12-26-2015

It has Bluetooth and a smartphone app, so you can program some cooking tasks from recipes stored in the app. In other words, you would get everything physically set up, then have the app set the time and temperature for you and have it start the cooking, plus you're able to check the temperature or remaining time while doing something else away from the kitchen.

Frankly, given the way sous vide works, I think this would be of minimal usefulness. It would be more important for barbecue than sous vide.

One part of it that could be handy, though, is the collection of time/temperature guides from Serious Eats in the app. That would be nice for letting the app have the Anova jump straight to the appropriate settings. Again, after that, I don't think the monitoring would matter much.

Re: Anova Precision Cooker - Mare749 - 12-26-2015

Labs, I think you make a good point. More important to temperature monitor BBQ.

I was just telling my brother this morning how useful the igrill temperature probe is. Ron has been using it with good success for quite a while so we do recommend it.

Re: Anova Precision Cooker - Gourmet_Mom - 12-26-2015

While it may be a while before I would purchase the sous vide, Maryann sent me off to check out the temperature probe. That's something we would use several times a week! Birthday or Father's Day gift for William is done! Thanks, Maryann!

Re: Anova Precision Cooker - cjs - 12-26-2015

I think I have what you all are talking about re the temperature thing, but which one are you specifying?

Re: Anova Precision Cooker - Gourmet_Mom - 12-26-2015

Jean, I think this is the one she is talking about. It iwould be most helpful if Maryann could confirm. Although, the one nice thing about this is the app. Although, it may be that you could get the same app on your iPad.

Re: Anova Precision Cooker - DFen911 - 12-26-2015

This is a sous vide cooking method. My friend has one and we did new york steaks and they were wonderful!!

Re: Anova Precision Cooker - Cubangirl - 12-26-2015

My point was that regardless of the bluetooth app. the Anova is a really great product.