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HAPPY BIRTHDAY DAPHNE!!! - Mare749 - 02-23-2016

Hope you have a fabulous day! Are you going out for your birthday dinner or is your hubbie making you something special? Either way, I know it will be great! Happy Birthday!

Re: HAPPY BIRTHDAY DAPHNE!!! - cjs - 02-23-2016

WHAT????? I'm so sorry I missed this, Daphne! I wish I could gather your band together for you, but I don't know how...

Have a wonderful day and you better be spoiled this entire day. Hope the weather is good enough to have a
glass(es) of wine o the deck.

Re: HAPPY BIRTHDAY DAPHNE!!! - losblanos1 - 02-23-2016

Have an awesome Birthday Daphne!

Re: HAPPY BIRTHDAY DAPHNE!!! - Gourmet_Mom - 02-23-2016

Never fear, the party is here!

[Image: party2-1.gif]

Thanks, you guys! It's a cool rainy day here, so we're not doing much. As a matter of fact, William is attending a meeting this evening, but he should be back home by 7.

I may have mentioned this before. He helped start a group called Circles of Hope, where leaders in the community mentor families in poverty better their lives.

Even though William is no longer actively participating, the single mom of two young boys that he mentored for a couple of years is "graduating" from the program tonight and asked him to come. She has gotten her LPN license, has a good job, and will be going back to school at night again to become an RN. So yes, he will be going to celebrate with her.

Re: HAPPY BIRTHDAY DAPHNE!!! - BarbaraS - 02-23-2016

Happy, Happy Birthday Daphne!!

What wonderful support William gave to that family!


Re: HAPPY BIRTHDAY DAPHNE!!! - foodfiend - 02-23-2016


Re: HAPPY BIRTHDAY DAPHNE!!! - Roxanne 21 - 02-23-2016

Ohhhh---you deserve the BEST happy birthday ever---your year has been a nightmare but it sounds as though all is on the up and up!!! GOOD on William---what a star he is!!!

HAPPY HAPPY HAPPY Birthday, Daphne Quiet is good

Re: HAPPY BIRTHDAY DAPHNE!!! - Trixxee - 02-23-2016

Happy Birthday Daphne!!!!

Circles of Hope sounds like such a truly worthwhile group that makes a difference in people's lives!

Re: HAPPY BIRTHDAY DAPHNE!!! - Harborwitch - 02-23-2016

Happy Birthday Daphne! Have a great day

How great that this young lady has succeeded in making a better life with William's help. Would that there were more people in the world who would give of themselves like that.

Re: HAPPY BIRTHDAY DAPHNE!!! - karyn - 02-23-2016

Happy Birthday, Daphne!! I hope you have a wonderful day!!