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Flavorings for Marinara Sauce - cjs - 02-25-2016

I make large batches of marinara sauce to have in the freezer as I think many of you do, also. With my hand and wanting easy dishes to make, I’ve used up a lot of my stash the last couple weeks.

This morning I wanted to add meatballs and pasta to the sauce, but I’m getting real bored with the same flavors! So I added flavors to the sauce and while the flavor is very familiar, so I must have done this before, I sure don’t remember.

It’s wonderful and I’m writing it down this time!

To approx. 2 cups marinara sauce, add:
1 T. small capers
1/3 – 1/2 cup chopped kalamatas.

[Image: feb%2025%20Pasta%20w%20caper%20olives_zpsrexqgq7e.jpg]

So simple and so tasty. Next time I’m going to try green olives.

So, what are your ideas which you’ve done to marinara????

Re: Flavorings for Marinara Sauce - Trixxee - 02-25-2016

We sometimes add a few splashes of cream for a "pink" sauce.

Re: Flavorings for Marinara Sauce - Mare749 - 02-25-2016

I have added a bit of anchovy paste on occasion and even fish sauce which is basically a liquid version. Just a splash and you don't even know it's there, but adds umami.

Jean, I almost forgot to add that sometimes I add a bit of balsamic if the sauce is for pizza. You're the one who got me started doing that with your pizza sauce recipe and we love it.

Re: Flavorings for Marinara Sauce - Gourmet_Mom - 02-25-2016

I've done what Trixxee and Maryann have mentioned, but nothing more. Although, the fish sauce Maryann mentioned is interesting. But you surely knew I'd LOVE the addition of the capers!!!!

Re: Flavorings for Marinara Sauce - cjs - 02-25-2016

takes so little to do so much.