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Garlic bread? - foodfiend - 02-26-2016

I was going to make rosemary-garlic bread for our guests tomorrow night but I don't think that I will have time soooo...

One of the local grocery stores (and, wow, it is a different animal shopping here as opposed to back in Pittsburgh) is known for their bakery items. They have fresh baked filone bread on special. It's a long loaf ("filone" means "branch" in Italian), so should I split it and spread the cut sides with a mix of butter, garlic, rosemary, then wrap in foil and bake for a while (any idea how long?). Is there anything else that you would add to make it more "special"???

Re: Garlic bread? - labradors - 02-26-2016

Try extra-virgin olive oil, instead of butter. World of difference.

Re: Garlic bread? - cjs - 02-26-2016

and heat it just a little to infuse the garlic and rosemary. I'm always torn whether to split the bread in half and slather or partially cut into slices and schmear the slices so it's all good and goopy. We love it both ways.

Re: Garlic bread? - labradors - 02-26-2016

Yeah. Unless you're looking for crostini, don't let it get overly crunchy. Also, sprinkle some of the slices with Parmigiano Reggiano or Pecorino Romano for those who like cheesy garlic bread and leave the cheese off of some of the slices for those who prefer it without cheese.

Re: Garlic bread? - Trixxee - 02-26-2016

Not really garlic bread and probably way too heavy for the rest of your meal but I did want to share this Pioneer Woman recipe for olive cheese bread. It is so fantastic. I cut the recipe way, way down because I usually just make maybe an 8 inch long piece of bread to be split by two people. Goes great with a light meal and this would be the starch of the meal. Hmmm...I may have to build a meal around this myself this weekend.

Re: Garlic bread? - cjs - 02-26-2016

Feta on garlic bread is delicious, too - for another application

Re: Garlic bread? - Cubangirl - 02-26-2016

I love garlic bread and judge Italian restaurants on the quality of their garlic bread. My favorite way to make it at home is to cut open the bread in half, rub a soft garlic clove over the bread, add really good quality olive oil (Arbequina) is my favorite. I add the oil from the bottle to one side and the close the bread and turn it so the unoiled side is on the bottom (too lazy for brush). Because I really like garlic, I then sprinkle with Penzeys granulated garlic (Roasted garlic if I have it, if not regular granulated). I really dislike having to chew on bits of rosemary.
If you really like the rosemary flavor in your bread, you might put the olive oil, garlic and fresh rosemary sprig on low heat and let the oil get infused on with the flavors.
I would then put cut the bread with a very sharp knife so you donĀ“t smoosh it and then keeping the slices nice and tight in foil, put in a low oven to warm, not crisp. It is a lot easier to get a nice cut with cold bread.
I agree about not putting cheese on all of it. I prefer mine without cheese. Plus it is an additional side, not the main starch.
Know you will make a wonderful meal.

Re: Garlic bread? - foodfiend - 02-27-2016

Thanks, everyone! I decided to use olive oil and infused it with garlic and rosemary last night. I will split the loaf and since Ihave a block of locatelli in the refrigerator, I will grate some it over half, then close it up and heat for... 5 minutes? The oven will be at 425 for the pork. You guys are great, thanks for the tips! And, Trixxee, that PW recipe is something that I could eat for a meal... the entire loaf...

Re: Garlic bread? - labradors - 02-27-2016

Remember to store the infused oil in the fridge: oils containing garlic can develop botulism if the acid level isn't right.

Re: Garlic bread? - cjs - 02-28-2016

Good reminder, Labs. I freeze mine. As I do when I roast garlic in separate pkgs. - the garlic and the oil.