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Wonderful Pear Coctail - Cubangirl - 03-04-2016

I mentioned this is my post reviewing the mystery box, but thought I'd share the recipe since we loved it so much. I don't make cocktails so I don't have fancy stuff to prepare them. I used a 4 cup measuring cup and stirred with my smallest wire whip.
I put 2 cups Spanish Hard Cider (sidra, which I get from but there are lots of good hard ciders available now, pick a not very dry one. We tried this with champagne and hated it, in the 4 cup Pyrex. I add a little measure (2-3 TBS.)of Pear Eau de Vie (see the Mystery Box for link), but any pear brandy or even Pear vodka would work. The Eau de Vie smells wonderful, but to me packs a punch. I then added the same amount of pear nectar. Stirred it and added some crushed ice. Serve it champagne glasses the round bowl kind, rimmed with lime juice and cinnamon sugar. I got lazy and just sprinkled the cinnamon right on the drink and stirred. It is also lovely with a grating of fresh nutmeg, but it has to be very finely grated so you don't get little pieces of it.

Anyway it is so tasty and refreshing I could not keep up. I think folks would have been happy skipping dinner and just having these. I would love to know what you guys think.