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Monday's Dinner, 4/4/16?? - cjs - 04-04-2016

Good morning all!! What's on the menu for today??

I'm making Blackened Ham with Sweet Potato salad from the #4 Grill book.

If anyone likes corn relish and has MasterCook – the book ‘Food for Fifty’ has the best corn relish recipe. It’s easy, fast and doesn’t call for a lot of ingred. AND, it freezes well!
I made 1/10 of the recipe and have 5 nice little containers of it in the freezer now. Had it last night with Brats and it was really good. I added jalapeno to the recipe

Re: Monday's Dinner, 4/4/16?? - Gourmet_Mom - 04-04-2016

I'm off to the city for a grocery run today. YAY! So I picked the fastest dish on my menu plan....Chicken Linguine with Candied Cherry Tomatoes, Spinach, Pine Nuts, and GOAT CHEESE! YUM!

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Re: Monday's Dinner, 4/4/16?? - karyn - 04-04-2016

Another day when everything sounds delicious! We love both the Chicken Linguine and the Cajun Halibut.

Tonight, I'm freezer-diving. We'll have pasta with meat sauce.

Re: Monday's Dinner, 4/4/16?? - Trixxee - 04-04-2016

Grilled bacon cheeseburgers possibly without a roll, or half a roll.

Re: Monday's Dinner, 4/4/16?? - cjs - 04-04-2016

Wow, what a surprisingly good combination of hot spicy ham and sweet chilled sweet potato & pineapple salad. They played off each other so well. (Roy Richard had 3 helpings!! and he does not like sweet things)

Blackened Ham with Sweet Potato Salad - #4 Grilling book, page 37
[Image: Apr%204%20Ham%20Swt.%20Tato%20salad_zpsnkevdwfn.jpg]

Crappy rain, so I had to broil the ham slices and cheated a little by glazing with l/o maple syrup/oj glaze from baking the ham. The spicy rub on the ham was wonderful.

Re: Monday's Dinner, 4/4/16?? - losblanos1 - 04-04-2016


Blane, you have to take more pictures!! How did your taco salad come out or did you switch to something else?

More pictures? If you insist.

The taco salad was delicious and we will make it again.

Today it's the southwestern beef tenderloins with chipotle mashed potatoes from issue #61. Asparagus also.

Re: Monday's Dinner, 4/4/16?? - losblanos1 - 04-04-2016

Dinner was a success.

[Image: 3_zpsxtvxgvp7.jpg]

Re: Monday's Dinner, 4/4/16?? - Harborwitch - 04-04-2016

Jean that salad sounds so good. I don't think I have that grilling book . . . whine

I wanted to do burgers on the grill to clean up a mac salad we had leftover, but it is blowing so hard that I wouldn't send Bob out there.

Pan seared burgers with spur of the moment BBQ sauce (catsup, molasses, smoked salsa, s & p, and some cider vinegar) slow cooked onions with bourbon, and colby jack cheese. Yum. Sides were macaroni salad & corn. All of this was served with a Kirkland Malbec - which was perfect.

Re: Monday's Dinner, 4/4/16?? - cjs - 04-05-2016

It's a challenge to get my grilling in also, Sharon!! We almost have to eat at the whim of the weather....