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Re: Suggestions Please - Gourmet_Mom - 01-01-2011

A surprising side note. I went to get some ice and decided I'd snag a cold shrimp or two. Well, those last two Bacon Crisps were really calling out to me. I decided I'd suffer through one cold from the fridge. Dang if it wasn't MUCH more crunchy than when I served it last night. That said, I'd suggest making these ahead, chilling and bringing back to room temp. They will be much crispier! Actually, I don't know that they will still be crispy when they return to room temp, cause I ate the last one straight out of the fridge. But I WILL say they were MUCH crispier right out of the fridge than cooled out of the oven.

Re: Suggestions Please - cjs - 01-02-2011

Interesting - I don't think we had any left!