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OT: Mimosa photos - labradors - 07-12-2016

It's been a while since I've posted any pictures of Mimosa and I was just sending a few to my cousins so I decided I'd post them here, as well.

Here she is as we were out for a walk:
[Image: foK1ANv.jpg]

Then, looking straight at the camera:
[Image: 5lpsTrm.jpg]

Still don't know her exact breed mix but, from the looks of it, she appears to be a Tub Terrier:
[Image: pWToi7l.jpg]

This one would be a good portrait:
[Image: Tz6SKz6.jpg]

Here she is on the couch, having just dropped her favourite toy:
[Image: 7Uang80.jpg]

Finally, relaxing on the recliner with her Nylabone:
[Image: 6QNZ2Vk.jpg]

Re: OT: Mimosa photos - foodfiend - 07-12-2016

Oh what a fluffy little sweetie! I especially liked the last photo ("I'm comfy here, so don't even try to sit in this chair!") And Mimosa's chewy bone matches the fabric of the chair, too! A well-coordinated pup.

Re: OT: Mimosa photos - cjs - 07-12-2016

What a little cutie!!

(don't look again, jean!)

Re: OT: Mimosa photos - karyn - 07-12-2016

She is so adorable! Thanks for sharing the photos, Labs.

Re: OT: Mimosa photos - Harborwitch - 07-12-2016

She is such a cutie and she looks like such a happy little girl.

Hmmm - my Grandmother had the rug in pix #2. I loved how soft it was.

Re: OT: Mimosa photos - labradors - 07-12-2016

Thanks. She truly is irresistible.

Pic #2 is on a blanket. Pic #5 has a rug.

Re: OT: Mimosa photos - Mare749 - 07-12-2016

Those are great pics, Rob! I was just thinking that it had been a while since you had posted any. So glad you did. She looks quite happy and content and has such a pretty white coat. Do you think she might have some Maltese in her? Or Bichon?

Re: OT: Mimosa photos - Harborwitch - 07-12-2016

# 3 doh! I can't count!

Re: OT: Mimosa photos - labradors - 07-12-2016

The only part I know is that her father was a miniature poodle and her mother was some small-white-dog mix. I never saw any Maltese or Bichons there, nor any Havanese, but there were occasional Lhasas and Shi Tzus, so maybe one of those is in there, somewhere.

Re: OT: Mimosa photos - labradors - 07-12-2016


# 3 doh! I can't count!

And I forgot about the bathroom rug in #3.