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OT: Mimosa is sick - labradors - 07-22-2016

Mimosa has always had a habit of eating fine some days then not eating for a couple of days. When she would do this, we would give her some treats (not much - just enough to have something to keep her stomach from getting upset) and maybe a little milk or some string cheese.

Last week was one of those times, but after a couple days of accepting these things, there was a night where she seemed not to be feeling well and didn't even want her nightly Dentastix (which she always looked forward to getting).

At the vet, I went ahead with getting blood work done and it showed that she's having kidney problems.

Right now, we're giving her a special "renal-support" food and mashing it up with some water to put it directly into her mouth with a syringe until she feels well enough to start eating from her bowl again.

Now that she's getting some food into her, she seems to be feeling somewhat better, but we're going to have to keep an eye on her kidney function to make sure it doesn't become (or isn't already) something severe.

Please keep her and us in your prayers.

Re: OT: Mimosa is sick - cjs - 07-22-2016

Oh Labs, what sad news. Poor little thing.

Re: OT: Mimosa is sick - Trixxee - 07-22-2016

Oh no. I hope Mimosa is feeling better soon.

Re: OT: Mimosa is sick - Mare749 - 07-22-2016

I am so sorry that Mimosa isn't feeling well. That reminds me of the way Charlie eats. One day, he will empty the bowl in a matter of minutes. Then, for the next 2 days, he only eats about half. I think it might have something to do with the fact that he was kind of a hobo as a puppy and didn't have regular meals.

Does your vet feel that Mimosa can live comfortably for a while on the special food? Is there any medicine for that condition?

Re: OT: Mimosa is sick - Harborwitch - 07-22-2016

Oh I am so sorry Labs. It is always so hard when our Furchildren are sick . . . they can't tell us what hurts. Our Opie is the same way, he's ravenous for a few days and then just nibbles for a day or two.

We'll certainly be keeping Mimosa in our thoughts and prayers. I hope she's feeling better soon.

Re: OT: Mimosa is sick - karyn - 07-22-2016

Oh no, Labs! I am so sorry. I hope Mimosa recovers really quickly!!

Re: OT: Mimosa is sick - Gourmet_Mom - 07-23-2016

Oh no! I hope she recovers quickly! You will both be in my prayers!

Re: OT: Mimosa is sick - Harborwitch - 07-24-2016

Just wondering . . . how is Mimosa?

Re: OT: Mimosa is sick - Mare749 - 07-25-2016

I've been wondering the same thing...

Re: OT: Mimosa is sick - labradors - 07-25-2016

Thanks, everyone.

She seems to be feeling better, though not 100%. Still not eating the canned food from her bowl (she has always been picky and this is a different food, since it's meant for renal support), but she has eaten some of dry food.