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Leftover Frittata - cjs - 09-16-2016

I had leftovers from my Portabella pasta the other day, so a frittata seemed the way to go – but the flavors were really bland in this dish and needed to be ‘kicked up a notch’ – Besides an egg/milk mixture over the dish, I added to the pasta - cheddar & gruyere cheeses, half a fresh poblano, oregano and the zing – French Country Olive Mix (“a colorful blend of green, pink & black olives with peppers and lupine beans in a lively French marinade.” from a Christmas box) and did it every deliver!!! (I have never added this type of olives to an egg dish before)
I debated about adding candied jalapenos to the mix, but decided it might be overkill. Upon tasting, the frittata still needed something, so out came the jar of candied jalapenos and that was exactly what it needed to finish. I’m so glad I used them as a garnish instead of adding to the entire dish. I’m writing all this out as a guide
for all of us, that we don’t necessarily have to keep adding “to” a dish….think garnish for additional flavor. This is a repeat, that’s for sure!

The pasta mushroom dish –

Re: Leftover Frittata - Mare749 - 09-16-2016

Looks delicious!

Re: Leftover Frittata - cjs - 09-16-2016

Thanks Maryann - I guess I'm surprised at the great flavor 'cause I'm really not a green olive fanatic.

Re: Leftover Frittata - Gourmet_Mom - 09-17-2016

Nice tip! Mom always told me, you can always add more, but you can never take it back if you add it. So I've always tried to use restraint....well, most of the time, anyway. LOL! I have been known to overkill with pine nuts from time to time!