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Notices - sysadmin - 10-03-2016

Notices about the forum upgrade will be placed here.

Image Attachments - sysadmin - 10-04-2016

You can now upload images from your computer to attach to posts if you don't have a way to link to them. When you are creating a post, scroll to the bottom and you'll see an Attachments section. Upload the attachment and then click the "Add Attachment" button on the right to add it to the post.

Threaded Mode - sysadmin - 10-04-2016

The new forum site has a threaded mode that you can use that shows who has replied to who by indenting replies to a post beneath that post. You can then expand and collapse threads by clicking the arrow in the upper-left corner of a tree of replies. To enable threaded mode, go to User CP > left sidebar menu > Your Profile section > Edit Options > Thread View Options > Thread View Mode. Note that pagination still applies to threaded mode.

RE: Notices - sysadmin - 10-11-2016

The new forum login asks for the email address you registered with instead of your old login name.  If you were a member of the old forum and cannot remember your old email, there is a "Lost Email" form that you can fill out with your old username and password in order to look up your email.  The link to the form is in the login box next to the email field.  Or you can visit the page directly:

The reason that the new site asks for your email instead of your login name is because the new software does not natively support login names - only usernames. Additionally, we want to be sure that, if you ever lose your password, you are able to reset it via email and get back into your account. We also wanted to save space in the database and simplify it by eliminating this field. We also wanted to be sure that, if we ever upgraded software again, we would not have to change the new software again to support login names, since we are confident that all forum software supports email address login.

RE: Notices - labradors - 10-11-2016

BTW, if you use the forum on a mobile device and you happen to have a long email address, the form won't let you enter more than 30 characters (at least under either Firefox and Chrome on Android). Thus, it isn't possible to log in. I successfully worked around this by requesting the full version of the site. Had that not worked, I wouldn't be able to post this message right now. It's a good thing the database, itself, wasn't changed to limit the email field to 30 characters, else my account probably would have thrown an exception during the import not even made it over (or maybe I'm lucky and the new software was written to use the existing database). Either way, the input field length needs to be increased for the mobile version.

Help with my Ipad - cjs - 10-21-2016

Since the new forum, I can't see posts on my ipad!! I know I'm supposed to choose the method of reading them, but I can't find any prompt for it gong thru my ipad.

This is what I see -


Can anyone give me a step-by-step instruction??

RE: Notices - cjs - 10-21-2016

Never mind - I finally found it! Tongue

RE: Notices - sysadmin - 10-25-2016

For anyone else having this problem, the solution is to either switch from threaded to linear mode in your usercp options menu or to switch from mobile view to desktop view. Right now, threaded mode only works on regular desktop view, not on mobile view.

RE: Notices - sysadmin - 10-26-2016

I'm not liking the problems that keep cropping up with mobile view, so eventually I intend to modify desktop view so that it seamlessly changes for smaller screen sizes and then get rid of mobile view altogether.

RE: Notices - sysadmin - 11-09-2016

I just upgraded from 1.8.7 to 1.8.8. Let me know if any problems crop up with this, and I'll fix them.