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Recent Threads Page - sysadmin - 11-09-2016

I created a page to show you threads that you posted in or were mentioned in that have new posts that you have not yet read. Here it is:

RE: Notices - cjs - 11-09-2016

Thanks Tony - I think. But, I have no idea how to use it. But, don't worry about it. Smile

RE: Notices - sysadmin - 11-09-2016

There's actually nothing to use. All you do is click the link to go to the page and bookmark it for future reference. Then whenever you want to check for any new posts on the site that involve you, you just go back to it, and it will show you all the new posts that you haven't read that involve you. Right now, it might show you nothing, because you might have read all the new posts, and it only shows stuff that you haven't read yet.