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Errors - sysadmin - 10-03-2016

Please post any errors you find with the new forum software here.

RE: Errors - cjs - 10-07-2016

Not sure if this is where I ought to post this question, but... I receive this msg. when I try to send a private msg.
"Your settings are currently set to disable the receipt of private messages. Unless you enable this, you cannot send PMs either."

Not sure where and how to enable this feature. Thanjks

RE: Errors - sysadmin - 10-07-2016

Yup, this is the place for questions. Answer:

User CP > left sidebar menu > Your Profile section > Edit Options > Messaging and Notification section > Receive private messages from other users

RE: Errors - Mare749 - 10-07-2016

My mailbox is full and I am unable to delete any messages.

RE: Errors - cjs - 10-07-2016

O.K., that worked for me. I also chose 'trash can' and was able to clean out the box, Maryann. I sent you an email to test if it works for me. Let me know.

RE: Errors - sysadmin - 10-07-2016

I have upped the message limit from 200 to 1000.

RE: Errors - Mare749 - 10-10-2016

Thank you for upping the limit on the mailbox. However, I'm still not able to delete old messages.

Noticed another problem this a.m. When I replied to a PM a few minutes ago, instead of telling me that the PM was sent, it took me to a window telling me that I needed to retry sending the info if I had just filled out a form. After hitting retry, it came back, but after the second attempt, it went through. However, this is what I saw next:

"You have already submitted the same private message to the same recipient within the last 5 hours."

But I didn't...?

RE: Errors - Gourmet_Mom - 10-10-2016

Actually, my issue is more in the form of a question.  We can't add attachments?  I got excited that we could post pictures straight from our library, but it didn't work.  Although that may have been a size problem.  Is there anyway that can be something we can do?

I decided to post a seperate reply since this is a different issue.  I got so excited in the "Rant" thread that I can now see everyone's avatars and signatures, but that is the ONLY thread I see them.   Huh

RE: Errors - cjs - 10-11-2016

Tony, this 'complaint' is not a big deal, so get to it when you can. But, on the old forum when we have unread posts, they are what comes up when clicked on the thread. Now, we're getting the first post and have to scroll down looking for the unread one(s). I say 'we' but maybe it's just me??

RE: Errors - labradors - 10-14-2016

Missing posts...

The "Anova Precision Cooker" thread is seriously missing posts. Prior to the software change, it had several pages of posts. Now, it has what appears to be only the first page. Even so, some of the "missing" messages do show up in search results, but clicking on one of the missing posts takes you to the first page of the thread and the post on which you clicked is not there. Could be an index problem, especially since replies to posts can have different subject lines.