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RE: Errors - cjs - 10-15-2016

Labs, Tony is unavailable for a few days, but by Thursday, he should see this and get on it.

RE: Errors - labradors - 10-15-2016

Okay. Thanks.

RE: Errors - sysadmin - 10-19-2016

Can you give me an example of a search query you use to retrieve an empty result like this? Any sort of dead link would be useful. As it is, I see that the Anova precision cooker thread has 205 posts in it, but I don't know if this is correct or fewer than you expect.

RE: Errors - labradors - 10-19-2016

Well, now it's working. At the time that I posted about the problem, I was only getting the first page of the thread and no indication that there were more pages, let alone any navigation to them. Now I can see 21 pages and it IS possible to get to them.

RE: Errors - Gourmet_Mom - 10-22-2016

This is weird!  I just realized that I can see everyone's avatars and signature lines when I'm logged out.  I had meant to post that I still can't see them, but this is even more strange.

RE: Errors - Gourmet_Mom - 10-22-2016

Never mind!  Thanks to Alina I was able to fix it in My profile.

RE: Errors - cjs - 10-26-2016

I'm getting so discouraged!! I can't even start a new thread!! What the heck is wrong with my settings??????

RE: Errors - sysadmin - 10-26-2016

This post was from before you emailed me right? Is this the problem with mobile view that we got resolved?

RE: Errors - cjs - 10-26-2016

right - before you straightened me out - we're all good!!

RE: Errors - Gourmet_Mom - 10-26-2016

Somewhere, someone pointed out an app that will reduce my pictures from my library so they will post.  While I appreciate the advice and will look for it later, if I must, but I'm so fed up with Photobucket, the thoughts of dealing with another app makes me cringe.

So have we gotten the ability to share photos straight from our library, or will we?  That would be the most exciting change of all!  Big Grin