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Feature Requests - sysadmin - 10-03-2016

Put any feature requests that you have in this thread.

RE: Feature Requests - cjs - 10-08-2016

Since 'feature requests' belong in this thread, can you check our a post by Barbara/Daphne/me in the cooking section titled
"A Couple Of Rants For This "New" Forum " please??

RE: Feature Requests - cjs - 10-08-2016

You're going to have a busy Monday morning!!

I've semi-created a new forum "THIS & THAT AND WELCOME" but something has not been 'clicked' because postings are not allowed??

Can you help me with this - thank.s

RE: Feature Requests - DFen911 - 10-09-2016

I would really like to be able to change the color like we use to.

RE: Feature Requests - Gourmet_Mom - 10-10-2016

In the old version, when I opened a thread, it took me straight to the newest posts I had not already viewed.  Now I have to scroll through the whole thread to see the new postings.  Although, I guess I can always use the "New Posts" feature.  But still....

RE: Feature Requests - sysadmin - 10-11-2016

The this that and welcome forum is fixed now.

RE: Feature Requests - sysadmin - 10-11-2016

I'll eventually make it so that you can change the color of the site. However, that involves making different themes, and themes don't just govern color - they govern all the styling of the site, so frequently when I change some aspect of the site, I also change the theme, which means that, if I added new themes now, I'd have to change every one of these themes every time I made some change on the site, which would be a lot of duplicated effort. Therefore, I'm waiting until all other changes have been made before creating new themes.

Alternatively, if you guys could collectively decide on one color scheme, that would be easier to implement, and I could do that right now.

RE: Feature Requests - sysadmin - 10-11-2016

Okay, I have made it so that when you open a thread, it automatically goes to the last page of that thread. This behavior could be undesirable if you are opening a thread for the first time that already has multiple pages, but I expect that this will happen less often than you opening a thread that you have already read. However, if this becomes a problem, I can always revert the change. Also, you can click the green arrow to the left of the thread name, and it will take you to the first unread post. If the green arrow does not exist, then that means that there are no unread posts. You could also set your posts per page to a higher number in your options menu.

RE: Feature Requests - labradors - 10-11-2016

What it used to do was to go to the first post in the thread that that user has not read yet. Otherwise, you're right: going to the last page has a great potential to cause confusion.

RE: Feature Requests - sysadmin - 10-11-2016

Okay, done. Now it should go to the first unread post of a thread when you click on it.