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RE: Hurricane Matthew can kiss it! - BarbaraS - 10-11-2016

Waiting for Daphne and Red to check in...


RE: Hurricane Matthew can kiss it! - redbedhead - 10-11-2016

I'm here! 

We had tons of rain and lots of flooding. We had no damage but many haven't been so lucky. There are still flood warnings in our area and water is continuing to rise blocking roads and leaving people 'homeless' for now. 

It's a long road to recovery but it's nice to see everyone pitching in and helping out.

RE: Hurricane Matthew can kiss it! - cjs - 10-11-2016

So glad you checked in, Red and that you're all o.k. Now, to hear her daily update - hope Daphne checks in soon. Also, have not heard from Karyn......

RE: Hurricane Matthew can kiss it! - Gourmet_Mom - 10-12-2016

I'm glad you checked in Red!  I was getting worried!

I'm not sure, but I think I saw a FB post from Karyn.  I usually don't use FB, but it has been helpful to keep up with what's going on around here.

My update:  

It doesn't appear that the water is rising any more.  It actually may be receding a bit.  Although, other areas around here are still in danger.  Three area rivers are not supposed to crest until Friday.  Roads are still flooded causing travel on major highways to be troublesome.  Schools can't open due to power outages, being used as shelter, and/or transportaion of students made impossible due to flooded and/or washed out roads and bridges.

Both houses have generators now.

Still have no power.  Tomorrow I may have to give in and take a cold shower.  I've been making do with warmed water in a bowl and taking a bird bath.  But I'm not sure how much longer I can go without washing my hair.

RE: Hurricane Matthew can kiss it! - Old Bay - 10-12-2016

Jane said, I feel your pain.  Get in and out of the shower quickly!  You will do well my dear.  
This too shall pass Heart

RE: Hurricane Matthew can kiss it! - Gourmet_Mom - 10-12-2016

Thanks, Bill and Jane!  I'm working on a plan to keep it less painful.  I love having my hair long again, but washing it under these circumstances make it harder to deal with.  LOL!  I'm just glad we built the shower really big so I have room to get away from the water.

RE: Hurricane Matthew can kiss it! - cjs - 10-13-2016

Daphne, will you p.m. me Karyn's last name so I can try and find her on facebooks - I just can't remember it.

RE: Hurricane Matthew can kiss it! - Trixxee - 10-13-2016

Daphne - I discovered a great product several years ago when I had that darn broken ankle/cast and was only up to taking a bath about every 5 days.  DRY SHAMPOO.  It's like a spray powder that absorbs the oils in your hair.   Dozens of brands out there - all pretty much work the same.   Even now I try to only wash my hair every 3 days and the dry shampoo keeps my hair  looking decent.

RE: Hurricane Matthew can kiss it! - cjs - 10-13-2016

Great idea, Trixxee! I heard of it but have never needed to use it - Thank God!

Never mind Daphne - I found Karyn

RE: Hurricane Matthew can kiss it! - Gourmet_Mom - 10-13-2016

Thanks, Trixxe!  We were both so desperate for a hot shower, we got a hotel room in Southport.  We waited until 4:30 to make reservations.  

We had hopes our power would get turned on today.  When we hadn't heard by 4:30, we made the decision.  I immediately went to get a hot shower!  We found out shortly afterward that they had our power on.  But that's okay.  I get a night dirty dishes to face, no power cords all over the dirty floor, and a night on the town!

I'm good!   Big Grin