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Posting Picture Test - cjs - 10-27-2016

I'm trying going thru Photobucket as opposed to my laptop and see if there is a difference in size -
From Photobucket - using IMG
[Image: Oct%2026%20Mongolian%20Pizza_zps1awt8unm.jpg]

Well, I'll be darned = it works going thru Photobucket and using the IMG (same as the old forum needed to do)

RE: Posting Picture Test - sysadmin - 10-28-2016

Actually, that is not the reason. After hearing about the picture size issue in the other thread, I went and fixed it prior to you posting this. So it should work regardless of these factors.

RE: Posting Picture Test - sysadmin - 10-28-2016

That looks really good, btw.

RE: Posting Picture Test - cjs - 10-28-2016

Thanks Tony! I'll try it not going thru Photobucket next time - it's sure easier not to have to.

RE: Posting Picture Test - Gourmet_Mom - 10-30-2016

Let me try again.  When I tried to post from my library, it said the size was too big.  I was so disappointed.  Doing it that way would be so much easier, and it would encourage me to post more pictures.  

Let's see what happens.


I'll be darned!  IT WORKED!!!  I don't know what you did Tony, but you're AWESOME!!!!  This is a game changer!!!!

Wait, when I logged out, the picture went away and turned into one of those blue squares with a question mark in the middle.  Does anybody else see my picture?

RE: Posting Picture Test - sysadmin - 10-31-2016

Okay, I've fixed it so that you can see attachments without logging in.

RE: Posting Picture Test - Gourmet_Mom - 10-31-2016

Thanks, Tony!  I was afraid that if I could not see it unless I was logged in, no one could see it but me. That happened once before that I remember.  I forget what caused the problem.  Sorry I kinda freaked out a little.   Angel

RE: Posting Picture Test - cjs - 11-01-2016

The arbitrariness (a word?) of posting pictures. For a few days I could browse thru the pictures on my laptop and attach to the post and it worked.

Now this morning, I got this message - "The file you attached is too large. The maximum size for that type of file is 3000 kilobytes." so I had to go thru Photobucket again!!
How does 3000 kilobytes translate to - for example '800px X 600px'????? If I knew this I could resize my pictures on my laptop.

RE: Posting Picture Test - sysadmin - 11-01-2016

There is no direct translation of pixels to image size, because image size depends on how many pixels it has, what format it is in, and how it is compressed. tiff and png images aren't compressed at all, so those are quite large. They also contain a transparency layer, which increases their size by 1/3 of what it would otherwise be. jpg images do not contain a transparency layer, meaning that each pixel of a jpg image is only comprised of red, green, and blue, instead of red, green, blue, and transparent, so they are smaller. jpg images are also compressed, so they are the way to go for smaller image sizes. Typical screen sizes for desktops are 1200x800, so I would make the images no larger than that. If you have the option of setting the compression of your images, I would set it to 7 or 70%.

RE: Posting Picture Test - sysadmin - 11-01-2016

Also, you can see what size your image is currently by right-clicking it and selecting Properties from the drop-down menu.