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tips for grilling pork chops??? - foodfiend - 10-28-2016

Wow, this whole site has changed!  I thought that something was wrong with my computer... I have to get some time to look into what happened and figure out the changes...  

I originally posted a question about grilling pork chops, but it was long and rambling so I will delete to spare you all. I think that I found the answer, anyway!

RE: tips for grilling pork chops??? - Mare749 - 10-30-2016

Sorry to have missed it Vicci, as I would have answered. Like everyone else around here, I'm having to adjust to the "new" forum.

Even though it's too late, I will tell you what we do in case you want to try it. We ALWAYS brine pork chops now that Jean got me to try it. For regular pork chops, I let them sit in the brine, refrigerated, for 3-4 hours. For a pork loin roast (not the tenderloin) I let it soak overnight.

For the pork chops, I give them a quick rinse, pat them dry, and put on some Mrs. Dash's seasoning. (no salt) Or sometimes just cracked pepper. Then, Ron quickly grills them. The timing depends on how thick the chop is.

For the pork loin roast, I just pat dry, rub with some oil and herbs, and cook "indirect" with charcoal for about an hour. Ron uses a temperature probe for that. We always get rave reviews.

RE: tips for grilling pork chops??? - cjs - 10-30-2016

Hi there, Stranger - good to see you!! Smile

I do pretty much what Maryann does.

RE: tips for grilling pork chops??? - foodfiend - 10-30-2016

Hi, back!  Wink

I did what MaryAnn suggested (perhaps it was transmitted telepathically!???)  I used the brine recipe that Jean gave me a couple of years ago, adding herbs and chopped garlic to the mix, brined for 4 hours, rinsed (apparently not enough, though), patted dry, and grilled.  I'm stilll learning the charcoal grill, though...  They cooked quickly (maybe about 15 minutes for 1" thick chops); but I didn't over cook them, and our guests raved (one guy said "oh I love these chops-- salty and smoky, they're delicious!" so I guess that the extra salt I tasted worked for him!).  

It was a nice autumnal menu.  Started with the apple-tinis from the CAH issue many years ago, which were a huge success.  I made a butternut squash cream sauce for the chops, pecan-maple mashed sweet potatoes, and roasted both sprouts and green beans in the oven.  The sauce was surprisingly good, and I have enough that, thinned with broth, it will make a great sauce for chicken and pasta later this week.

Thanks for answering my question (well, the question I had before I realized that it really doesn't take a novel to ask a simple question!).  Life has been incredibly busy, and I will need to take time to sort through the changes to this website.  Just recently the Cooking Light forums were taken down and although I didn't post the often, it was a great resource.  As this forum is, and I'm glad that the powers-that-be decided to change rather than to cut!

RE: tips for grilling pork chops??? - Mare749 - 10-30-2016

What a lovely dinner, Vicci! Those sweet potatoes sound especially good!

RE: tips for grilling pork chops??? - Gourmet_Mom - 10-30-2016

Your dinner menu sounds lovely, Vicci!

RE: tips for grilling pork chops??? - cjs - 10-31-2016

Yes, it sure does. I haven't been on the C.L. forum for years, but I used to like it. That's too bad.