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Secret Santa 2016 - labradors - 11-02-2016

Are we planning on doing the Secret Santa this year?

RE: Secret Santa 2016 - cjs - 11-02-2016

good question.....

RE: Secret Santa 2016 - Gourmet_Mom - 11-02-2016

That is a good question.  And one that needs to be decided quickly.  The thing is, how many people are regulars that are interested.

RE: Secret Santa 2016 - cjs - 11-03-2016

Well, let's start a list....and is Barbara having such a busy year she would/wouldn't be able to be our beloved Santa??

Who is in for Secret Santa this year?????

RE: Secret Santa 2016 - Trixxee - 11-03-2016

I have to pass.  Economics still not on track here - hopefully they will be soon.

RE: Secret Santa 2016 - Gourmet_Mom - 11-03-2016

I'm game if we get enough people to make it fun.

RE: Secret Santa 2016 - madmax - 11-03-2016

FINALLY got on here.......

Yes I want to participate. I still spy on all of you and steal your recipes and ideas and make sure my mom's alive and kicking every morning. Big Grin
(although first time I've been able to log in, the house is so different now.)

We need Barbara let's bribe her. lol

Oh and yes we need more people Hmmm

RE: Secret Santa 2016 - cjs - 11-04-2016

Welcome, MS Tracie Lee!! Glad you're with us again!!

O.K., I'm in, also

RE: Secret Santa 2016 - BarbaraS - 11-04-2016

I can do the SS thing this year, but it doesn't look like there's a whole lot of interest.


RE: Secret Santa 2016 - cjs - 11-07-2016


Tracie Lee just called me with the greatest suggestion - money seems to be tight all the way around and this is not even counting the cost of mailing pkgs. these days!!

How about if we draw names and everyone sends a Christmas ornament to the recipient?? There are so many beautiful ones out there and also those reflecting where all of us live.

Would this work for all?????? thank you're saving us, I think.