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RE: Secret Santa 2016 - cjs - 12-20-2016

'Patience' is not Tracie's middle name....... Wink

RE: Secret Santa 2016 - Gourmet_Mom - 12-20-2016

Mine wasn't there Sunday when we checked the mail before leaving.  But Andrew will check the mail a couple times this week.  Not sure if we'll go home before heading to Ashley's on Saturday.

That's funny Tracie!  I find it hard waiting, too!

RE: Secret Santa 2016 - Trixxee - 12-22-2016

I'm having all kinds of trouble with PM's on this subject-  I keep responding to them and they after I type my reply it says the message doesn't exist.

I think there was some kind of issue with my address?  But when we got home today after being out of town there was a box at the door.  Not sure who it is from!

Does anyone still need my correct address?

RE: Secret Santa 2016 - cjs - 12-22-2016

I think it's all straightened out, Trixxee - haven't heard from your S.S. since. Had a great time, did you????????? Smile

RE: Secret Santa 2016 - Trixxee - 12-22-2016

Had a really nice time.  Our suite was so luxurious.  I thought I had reserved a 2 bed/2bath unit but the way they actually do it at Trump International Tower for that size unit is a 1 bedroom/2 bath unit with a private foyer leading into a studio & bath.  We had 2 jacuzzi tubs and 3 of the biggest showers I've ever seen.  Each unit had a kitchenette.  Were on the 45th floor on the end and had 4 gigantic windows with a great view.

Michael enjoyed going up to the top of the Stratosphere and then the Shark Reef at the Mandalay Bay.   Also hit 2 Triple D recommendations that didn't disappoint (among many other meals, I rolled out of that town today).  Wink

RE: Secret Santa 2016 - Gourmet_Mom - 12-22-2016

Sounds like a great place, Trixxee!  And all for free?!?!  WOW!

RE: Secret Santa 2016 - Trixxee - 12-22-2016

No out of pocket costs for the room other than a $55 reservation, but we did pay $16,000 for a Hilton Timeshare 6 years ago and $1300 every two years for dues, so free?  Not quite!  LOL.

But I'm so glad I looked into using those points that were going to go away because we haven't gone anywhere to use them in so long.  Afraid we got spoiled though.  Oh well, get another year's points deposited on the first so maybe we'll go back to this property some day.  It sure is nice to be able to drive somewhere - in the past we had to fly to Hawaii to use them.

RE: Secret Santa 2016 - Mare749 - 12-23-2016

Sounds amazing, Trixxee. Glad you had a nice time!

RE: Secret Santa 2016 - cjs - 12-25-2016

[Image: Santa_zpsp2yu8b3r.jpg]   Merry Christmas!!!

Good Morning!!! Just got up and it's time for us all to open our Secrete Santa gifts..............except those who cheated!! Cool  The bubbly is chilled and now if Mr. Roy will hurry  up and rise and shine. Rolleyes Heart 

Have a fun and loving day, everyone!!

RE: Secret Santa 2016 - Mare749 - 12-25-2016

Merry Christmas, everyone! We don't have any bubbly chilling, but I do have a breakfast quiche waiting for me when we get to Heather's house. We were all up so late last night that none of the adults are moving around much. Big Grin