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RE: Secret Santa 2016 - Trixxee - 12-25-2016

THANK YOU Secret Santa!   You went way overboard but I appreciate every thing you sent!  You are much too generous and giving!  Merry Christmas!

RE: Secret Santa 2016 - cjs - 12-25-2016

And, what did you get, Miss Trixxee??

RE: Secret Santa 2016 - Gourmet_Mom - 12-25-2016


Thank you, Santa!!!  I got a cute little dangling silver ornament with a glass of wine as a centerpiece...Santa knows me well.  And to top it off, she sent the perfect cocktail napkins that say "It's Wine Thirty!"!  Too funny!  And a bonus snack to enjoy with my wine!  That's if William doesn't gobble it up first!

RE: Secret Santa 2016 - cjs - 12-26-2016

My S.S. sent me a beautiful ornament with a very special theme which she lovingly tied into our friendship with a note that brought tears to Roy and me, both. Thank you, my wonderful friend. (Have to warn you young'uns, you get very emotional the olderly you get!! Rolleyes Heart   )

RE: Secret Santa 2016 - cjs - 12-27-2016

So, hurry up and do your matrix, Daphne - screw work.... Smile

RE: Secret Santa 2016 - Trixxee - 12-27-2016

LOL - what didn't I get?  Many, many food items including sausages, crackers, pickled asparagus, hatch chiles, kitchen towel, candy, on and on!  But the funny thing is I thought this was an ornament exchange!

RE: Secret Santa 2016 - Old Bay - 12-27-2016

My SS sent me a great cheese board and knife. My SS knows me very well, including  my love of cheese!
The board was created by the master woodworking elf, I'll bet money on it. Rolleyes Wink  Thanks Santa!
Old Bay.

RE: Secret Santa 2016 - Gourmet_Mom - 12-27-2016

Since, I'm not sure who all participated, I don't think I can do the matrix.  Plus, I'm not sure if everyone has posted their gifts.    But here is what I've got so far:

Jean had Bill
Bill had Trixxee
I had Jean (I'm glad you "got" the note.  Wasn't sure it was too far out there..  LOL!)
Tracie had me

Is Maryann the only other participant or did Barbara play?

If just Maryann...

Trixxee had Maryann
Maryann had Trixxee

How'd I do?

RE: Secret Santa 2016 - Mare749 - 12-28-2016

No, Daphne, I sat this one out. Just wanted to hear all of you describe your ornaments/gifts/etc. Smile

RE: Secret Santa 2016 - cjs - 12-28-2016

Got it, I think! Smile

And, Daphne, I loved yours so much! thank you