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Font Size Question - cjs - 11-18-2016

Things are running so smoothly, I'm almost afraid to bring this up for fear I click something I shouldn't!! Smile

When typing a msg. I have to make the font larger than what is the default (o.k., this is not a problem), but as I'm typing and hit return to go down a couple lines, the font returns to the default size and I have to go back and change it again and again. Is there a way for the size to stay the same throughout the entire msg. ??

RE: Font Size Question - cjs - 12-19-2016

So, where is our tech support??? This question is a month old.........................

RE: Font Size Question - sysadmin - 02-16-2017

There, I have increased the font size from 13px to 15px in all textareas throughout the site. Is that better?

RE: Font Size Question - cjs - 02-16-2017

will try it out - thanks

RE: Font Size Question - cjs - 02-16-2017

Will you check out the "Activation" thread in cooking. I tried typing with a font size and when I hit return, it goes to something to darn small......