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Thanksgiving Platter - cjs - 11-19-2016

For all the young chefs out there -

Turkey Cheese Platter

[Image: thanksgiving_turkey_cheese_tray3-1030x10...pvjdma.jpg][/img]


[Image: thankgiving_turkey_fruit_platter-773x103...xw2vek.jpg][/img]

The finished turkey is about 16 inches wide by 13 inches deep, so you need a large plate, tray or cheese board to assemble and serve this (at least 16 inches in diameter). 

Saw this on a blog -

RE: Thanksgiving Platter - Gourmet_Mom - 11-19-2016

I've seen the first one somewhere and thought it was so cute!  The fruit tray is adoreable, also!

RE: Thanksgiving Platter - Mare749 - 11-22-2016

Thanks, Jean! I'm saving both for the kiddos! Smile