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Merry Christmas! - labradors - 12-25-2016

Merry Christmas, everyone! 

Already had our Eggs Benedict for breakfast and the Anova is working on the prime rib. (One other benefit of this: less juggling of oven temps and times for the Yorkshire Pudding, etc.) 

Hope you all have a wonderful day as we celebrate the birth of our Lord and Saviour, Jesus Christ.

RE: Merry Christmas! - Mare749 - 12-25-2016

Thank you, Rob. Merry Christmas! Big Grin

RE: Merry Christmas! - labradors - 12-25-2016

Thanks, Maryann.

Mom made Julia Child's stuffed mushrooms for lunch/snack and the prime rib turned out beautifully with the Anova.

Also, a certain small, white, four-legged member of the household did get some of the trimmings of the meat. How many dogs do you know that received sous-vide prime rib for Christmas dinner? Big Grin

RE: Merry Christmas! - cjs - 12-25-2016

Have not done a roast yet in the Sous Vide - did you sear it at all after you cooked it???
I have a feeling all the puppies in this crowd are treated exactly as your little guy is............... Heart

Rec’d Truffle dust for Christmas (thank you Tracie Lee) and I so wanted to use it immediately and after searching the internet to see my planned salami pizza would go with this goodie. Turns out Truffle Salami is a product which is sold!! So, I went with it. And, it sure worked.
Truffle Dusted Salami Pizza with marinara, pesto, Mozz/Jack cheese. Herbed pizza
dough. (and, since it was Christmas I figured we could o.d. on a REALLY cheesy pizza - so we went for it) Smile
Served with Collezine di Paolo Chianti, 2015. This wine is smooth, soft and wonderful –
Perfect match for the pizza.[Image: Dec%2025%20Truffle%20Salami%20Pizza_zps6ihstoet.jpg]

RE: Merry Christmas! - labradors - 12-25-2016

Pizza sounds yummy.

Yes, the meat is seared after the sous vide.

RE: Merry Christmas! - Gourmet_Mom - 12-26-2016

Merry Christmas!

What a wonderful thread you have started, Labs!

Your dinner sounds perfect!  Ashley's dog enjoyed filet mignon tonight!  Lots of spoiled pups today!