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Great techniques - Cubangirl - 12-30-2016

I saw this article today while reading the Eat Your Books blog. So in case you missed it, here's the link to the best ideas from the great folks at Food52 Top Ten ideas

RE: Great techniques - BarbaraS - 12-31-2016

Thanks Alina! I had to "unsubscribe" to the 10 emails per day they were sending me. Now I only get a few per week.

See?  This is why I didn't renew my sub to Cuisine.  I can get better ideas and recipes elsewhere.  This magazine has become stagnant.


RE: Great techniques - cjs - 12-31-2016

I do get one Food52 newsletter.

Barbara, you might check out the new issue of C@H at the store - some really good ideas in this issue.

RE: Great techniques - Cubangirl - 12-31-2016

Barbara, are you talking about overload from Food52 or Eat your books? I get Eat Your Books on my Yahoo page, so I only check the threads if the title looks interesting. Darcie's blog there, picks up stuff from Food52, NPR, etc. I just subscribed to Food52. I'll have to see if they overload me.

RE: Great techniques - BarbaraS - 12-31-2016

Alina, it was from Food52.

Jean, I can never find any C@H books at any stores near me.  The recipes have become stale and uninspired so I dropped my subscription.


RE: Great techniques - Cubangirl - 12-31-2016

I reupped last year, but have not made any new C@H recipes in a couple of years. I made the rugelah bars from one of the old Holiday Cookie books a couple of weeks ago. I had found it online and saved it to my LC the year I got the book. I have since given away all my books since I have them all in my computer. But though supposedly they were the same I could not find it on the online book. I still have tons I thought I'd want to make from the old issues and books. I've not even looked at the last 2 issues because I don't expect anything good. I also gave up my CI print a while back. Every few months I go online and check the past issues to see if there is anything good.

OT, but I love Ina's new book. There are quite a few things in it I will be making. The first, her Brisket with Onions and Leeks is in the oven now. If we like the flavors, I will try it again with a slightly smaller brisket and do it in the IP. This one was 6 lbs. straight from the meat locker, cut to order, but not as trimmed as those in the supermarket. I'm afraid now I took too much fat off. Fingers crossed.

BTW, I find this index very useful: Ina's Cookbook's Index

RE: Great techniques - Cubangirl - 01-02-2017

Reporting back. The brisket was the best ever. So simple and so good.

RE: Great techniques - cjs - 01-03-2017

Oh Dear, may have to build another shelf................ Smile

RE: Great techniques - Mare749 - 01-04-2017

I was curious about Ina's new book as my brother had purchased it for my sister-in-law for Christmas. Went to the library yesterday and there it was on the "new books" display. I love when that happens. What a great book.

RE: Great techniques - cjs - 01-04-2017

Can you believe this person who has spent their life in libraries - has not stepped foot in one since I got this iPad????
Guess I'll stop in and check out the book.