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Cuisinart recall - Mare749 - 01-23-2017

I asked this question in the Cuisinart recall thread that Labs posted, but it's so far down the list no one can see it. So, I will ask once again, has anyone received their blade yet? It's been 4 weeks and I have not heard a word.

RE: Cuisinart recall - Cubangirl - 01-23-2017

One of my Cookaholics friend received it. She said getting it out of the package was complicated so follow directions. I've not received mine. In my confirmation email there is an order number and a phone number to call. I've not tried it yet.

RE: Cuisinart recall - cjs - 01-23-2017

Have not rec'd mine either.

RE: Cuisinart recall - Mare749 - 01-23-2017

Hmm, I don't know if I got a confirmation email. Will have to go look. Thanks, Alina.

RE: Cuisinart recall - cjs - 01-24-2017

I did receive a confirmation letter from them.

RE: Cuisinart recall - Mare749 - 01-24-2017

Thanks, Jean. I'm going to call them.

RE: Cuisinart recall - Gourmet_Mom - 01-24-2017

And I keep forgetting to get my model number!  Hopefully, this will keep it in my head until Saturday!

RE: Cuisinart recall - labradors - 01-25-2017

I received a confirmation email and a later, follow-up email that said it will be on its way once they get more of them.

RE: Cuisinart recall - Mare749 - 01-26-2017

I called them today and since I had never received a confirmation letter, they are sending me a new blade in 2-3 weeks and gave me a confirmation number. Guess I should have just called in the first place instead of registering online. They have been having problems with that.

RE: Cuisinart recall - Gourmet_Mom - 01-26-2017

Good to know, Maryann!  Thanks for the heads up!