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Labs B'day - cjs - 01-26-2017

Why can't the powers that be get this fixed??? You can't (or I can't anyway respond to a post on this thread.

Happy Birthday, Labs - hope it's a great day and I'm sorry I missed noting the event!!

My thread subscription options - "Do not subscribe" is checked - is this why I can't respond?? I'm afraid to uncheck it. Tongue

RE: Labs B'day - Trixxee - 01-26-2017

Happy Birthday twice Labs!

I was able to reply to both birthday threads.

RE: Labs B'day - Mare749 - 01-26-2017

And again, from me, Happy Birthday, Labs!!! Big Grin

RE: Labs B'day - Gourmet_Mom - 01-26-2017

I'll do it twice, too!!!   Big Grin

Happy Birthday to you!
Happy Birthday to you!
Happy Birthday Dear Labs!
Happy Birthday to you!

[Image: party2-1.gif]

RE: Labs B'day - labradors - 01-26-2017

My word! Three birthday threads! Thanks, everyone. It was a good day and a good market day, as well.

Of course, I still haven't received that one gift I requested: a pound of twenties. Wink

BTW, I have replied only to this one thread, since it was the one with the party

RE: Labs B'day - Mare749 - 01-27-2017

So glad it was a good day. Sure wish you would stop in and tell us what you are making for the market these days and how it's going. We miss you! Big Grin

RE: Labs B'day - Gourmet_Mom - 01-27-2017

I agree with Maryann!  Stop by and let us know what you are making!  Glad you enjoyed the party!