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private messaging - Mare749 - 02-16-2017

When sending a private message, there is a screen that always pops up and says to retry sending. When I do, another screen pops up and tells me that I just sent that message within the last 5 hours. I've been ignoring the whole thing hoping it would go away. No one has ever told me that I'm sending messages twice, so I'm guessing it's just on my end.

Does this happen to anyone else?

RE: private messaging - cjs - 02-16-2017

Has never happened to me and I don't receive 2 of yours. I'll send this to Tony.

RE: private messaging - sysadmin - 02-16-2017

Hmm, this has never happened to me either. Have you tried using this site in a different browser? What about disabling any browser extensions you have? If neither of those options work, post a picture of this message, or send me a PM of it.

RE: private messaging - Gourmet_Mom - 02-16-2017

I haven't had this problem either.

RE: private messaging - Mare749 - 02-16-2017

Well, that suggestion worked. I opened the forum in a different browser, then set Jean a message. Went right through.

Thank you for your help! Smile

RE: private messaging - cjs - 02-17-2017

Oh Good!! Smile