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L.J. - cjs - 02-19-2017

All the old C2Cers - just got this msg. from Jen (from England) -

"Hey guys another of our own needs our prayers ? LJ Ames he has a Inoperable malignant brain tumor in the pons and pressing on the medula a location where radiation therapy is not possible.
Obviously with all the kids and all this is a shock and sad news"

Such a shame, seems he just got his life together and where he wanted it to be.

RE: L.J. - Gourmet_Mom - 02-20-2017

II Thanks for sharing, Jean.  We lost touch after he left here.  Bless his heart!  He just hasn't been able to catch a break!  If you hear any more news, please pass it on.  I'm not on FB these days hardly at all.  So I would miss any C2C updates.

RE: L.J. - Mare749 - 02-20-2017

Yes, I saw her post yesterday and thought the same thing. He had finally settled in, or at least it seemed like he did. So sad.