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Pork Chop w Bourbon Sauce Review - cjs - 03-08-2017

I can’t believe I have been sitting on this recipe from Cuisine at Home for 15 years!! It is a wonderful pork dish and I almost licked the plate!! Issue #33 – June 2002. Pan Roasted Pork Chops with Bourbon Sauce served with a twice-baked potato. None of the three wines we had are worth mentioning. I had a huge 1-inch thick bone-in chop but I made the amount of the sauce for 4 chops and I’m so glad I did because we have leftovers from this puppy and now I have more sauce, also.
[Image: Mar%208%20Pork%20Chop%20w%20Bourbon%20sa...hzyenp.jpg]
[Image: Mar%208%20Pork%20Chop%20w%20Bourbon%20sa...noi7sc.jpg]

Here's the recipe since the issue is so old -

SEASON AND FLOUR: 4 1"-thick brined rib chops (used 1 1-inch thick beautiful bone-in chop)
BROWN IN: 2 T. olive oil
1 Tbs garlic, chopped
1 Tbs shallot, chopped
11/2 cups chicken broth
1/3 cup bourbon
1/4 cup brown sugar
1 Tbs apple cider vinegar
2 Tbs heavy cream (I used canned milk - since I keep little containers in the freezer and never seem to have cream)
Reserved pork chops

1. Preheat oven to 425°.
2. Season chops with pepper. Dust lightly with flour.
3. Brown one side in olive oil over medium-high heat. Turn, cover, and roast in oven for
4. about 10 minutes.
5. Remove chops to a warm platter. Saute garlic and shallot in 1 T. drippings over
6. medium-high heat until soft.
7. Deglaze pan with bourbon and broth. Add sugar and vinegar; reduce by half.
8. Add cream and pork chops to pan and cook for 2 minutes on each side until sauce
9. is thick.
Servings: 4

Makes 1 cup sauce.
Editor’s Note: Be careful when deglazing with liquor. Higherproof
alcohols, like bourbon, can cause a large flame. This can be prevented by diluting bourbon with broth. If you’re a showman or like a milder sauce, add the alcohol away from the flame and ignite with a long match. Thisburns off the alcohol.

Source: From: Cuisine at home No. 33 (June 2002) - Page 20

RE: Pork Chop w Bourbon Sauce Review - Gourmet_Mom - 03-08-2017

This is going on the short list!  Sounds great and looks delicious!  Thanks for the review, Jean!

RE: Pork Chop w Bourbon Sauce Review - cjs - 03-08-2017


RE: Pork Chop w Bourbon Sauce Review - Mare749 - 03-09-2017

I will have to try this one also. Have never really liked bourbon and only ever have it around when I make my mom's bourbon pound cake, but this makes me curious. It does look good. I have to can you and Roy share one pork chop and have leftovers????

RE: Pork Chop w Bourbon Sauce Review - luvnit - 03-09-2017

Yum! That looks great Jean!

RE: Pork Chop w Bourbon Sauce Review - cjs - 03-09-2017

I don't know, Maryann - our appetites have really have really slackened over the last year or so. Not enough exercise I guess, but I also have lost a lot of weight - for once in my life not even trying. I'm fitting in clothes I haven't been able to wear for years! So glad I'm kind of a hoarder.... Smile But, we are both very healthy excluding a few hiccups. Tongue

And, you really can't taste the bourbon - it's in the background just a nuance, I guess. If you like Scotch, why not try it? I'm one of those who likes both Scotch and Bourbon, so I could probably use either.

RE: Pork Chop w Bourbon Sauce Review - cjs - 03-09-2017

Wow, the leftovers were as good as the original - I had Curry rice in the freezer and the flavors were wonderful together. Forget the twice-baked potato next time.

[Image: mar%209%20Pork%20Chops%20w%20Curry%20Ric...pj5sqo.jpg]

This certainly a repeat.

Maryann, you asking about us having leftovers reminded me of when (years ago) Roy & I would laugh at my folks because they would have a Cornish game hen and have leftovers - we thought that was hilarious. But, guess what..... Smile

RE: Pork Chop w Bourbon Sauce Review - Mare749 - 03-09-2017

Thanks, Jean, for the info about using bourbon. I am going to try this recipe as soon as I get the supplies.

Congrats on the weight loss! It seems that the popular thinking of all things in moderation really does work. I can relate to the smaller meals since we aren't eating quite as much as we did when we were younger. As for the pork chop, we would share one that size, too, but probably wouldn't have any leftover. Big Grin

RE: Pork Chop w Bourbon Sauce Review - SallyH - 03-13-2017

I'm so stingy with my bourbon I would never lend any to my pork chops.  However, I might substitute brandy for bourbon.  I generally try to avoid sugar, does it taste sweet?

RE: Pork Chop w Bourbon Sauce Review - cjs - 03-14-2017

No Sally, it isn't a sweet dish, as with the bourbon, there is just a nuance or hint of sweetness.