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Question for Alina - cjs - 03-26-2017

Since you'll be on a few days talking re the new oven/lawn mower (we all want to see who 'wins'  Wink  ), I'll post a question I have been pondering the last few days.

Since the cataract surgery, I see so well without my glasses, but find I do need them especially in the kitchen try to read a recipe while cooking - which means on/off, on/off, on/off. Maddening.

Is there some way to increase the font size on the recipes in Living Cookbook? With just a little adjustment, I would be able to use them without the aid of glasses and wouldn't that be a hoot!! Thanks

P.S. just remember, I'm the computer-illiterate one, so keep it simple for me.

RE: Question for Alina - Cubangirl - 03-26-2017

Yes you can. You to View, Display Options. Then go to Task, Default, Item View. Under item view, you can see Text. If you select that you will see boxes on the right. Scroll down to font and pick what you'd like. I have mine as Verdana 11 for most. I find Verdana to be one of the easiest to read on the computer. To further make it easier, you can also select the font for each section of the recipe. To do that, on the left go down to Recipe and choose Recipe View, then scroll down to the item you'd like to change. For example while my general is Verdana 11, I use Verdana 12 for Ingredients  and Procedure and reduce the type on less used ones. You might have to experiment a little with it to get it to the way you like. Remember both the type and the font size make a difference. Some prettier typefaces are harder to see clearly imho. I find Verdana much easier to read than Times Roman for example.

If you are not sure what you see best, go to MS Word, open a new document and type any words. Then go to format and change try different typefaces. When you find the one that reads best, make a note of it and then go change LC.

You did not say what computer or operating system you are using, but Windows have a display option that help you determine what you see best. It shows a series of boxes and you pick which you like. It then remembers those settings. Right click on your desktop and select Display Settings. Scroll down to Advanced Display Settings. Select that and then scroll to Clear Type Text. Select that and follow the prompts to pick what works best for you.

Please let me know if this was clear or you need more. Smile

RE: Question for Alina - cjs - 03-27-2017

Thanks Alina - very clear, even I will be able to do this. I do prefer Century Gothic as I read it uses the least ink in printing. Don't know if that's true, but... it is easy to read for me, also.

Off to fix things.

RE: Question for Alina - cjs - 03-27-2017

I thought I had it until the very end and then kaboom.
Tried 4 times, then went back to take pictures to show you what I see..
1st picture – everything  clicked which needs to be and I clicked on “apply defaults’

[Image: Mar%2027%201_zpsastootmo.jpg]

2nd picture came up and on the 5 try I ‘unclicked’ some of the options to see if it made a difference. Then I clicked on “OK”

[Image: Mar%2027%202_zpsyqcvdrfb.jpg]

3rd picture shows what came up and when I clicked on “OK” the program disappeared completely.
[Image: Mar%2027%203_zpsgnymevzj.jpg]
It looked and seemed so easy to do. Thanks for taking the time for all this.

RE: Question for Alina - Mare749 - 03-27-2017

Thanks for the info, Alina. I was able to change my font and the size and like it much better.

RE: Question for Alina - cjs - 03-28-2017

Well, dang it - why didn't it work for me?? Sad

RE: Question for Alina - labradors - 03-28-2017

Funny:I prefer Times and other serif fonts because it's often difficult to see the difference between 0 and O, I and L, etc.

RE: Question for Alina - cjs - 03-28-2017

But, but, but - can you help with my problem????

And, where the hell have you been???? You're missed around here, you know. Smile

RE: Question for Alina - Cubangirl - 03-28-2017

Sorry for the delay. My computer power adaptor not working so no laptop until it gets back from HP. You undid all your work when you hit "Apply Defaults". That takes you back to what came with LC . Just do it again and hit ok instead.

RE: Question for Alina - cjs - 03-28-2017

AHA,! Thanks will try in the morning.

Off for my weekly Scotch & Soda(s). Smile