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Hi there - lexis - 03-28-2017

Hello all!! I am Lexis, and I am from Canada. I am new to this forum. I enjoy travelling and cooking.

RE: Hi there - cjs - 03-28-2017

Welcome, Lexis!! It's great to see a new face around the 'neighborhood' and we hope you'll stick around and get to know us and we you!! Loved your first post re a clam bake - one of my favorite and fun meals to do. Smile

RE: Hi there - Gourmet_Mom - 03-28-2017

Welcome Lexis!  I'm off to check out your first post!  We LOVE a good clam bake!

RE: Hi there - Mare749 - 03-29-2017

Welcome Lexis! So glad you jumped right in to join us, and hope you will stick around and get acquainted.

RE: Hi there - careeder - 07-01-2018

I am umair and I love to travel because not only is it the ultimate adventure but it also exposes you to new types of people, different ways of living, and opens up your mind.

RE: Hi there - jetfan27 - 08-28-2018

Hi all,
My name is Stephan and I just signed up on the forum. I am retired from multiple careers. Most recently a baker at a college. I love to cook, but especially love to bake, especially breads. Looking forward to sharing techniques and recipes. I have a bunch of recipes I love sharing

RE: Hi there - Harborwitch - 09-13-2018

Welcome to the forum Stephen.  We hope you'll enjoy it here.

RE: Hi there - - 12-26-2018

welcome here