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WOW!! wHAT A RACE!! - cjs - 05-20-2017

You could not have been sitting thru this race!!!!  What did you think, Trixxee????????????

RE: WOW!! wHAT A RACE!! - Mare749 - 05-21-2017

No, we were standing right in front of the TV watching it, and we don't even follow horse racing! Might have to start though. Wink

RE: WOW!! wHAT A RACE!! - Trixxee - 05-21-2017

It was a FANTASTIC race!  Cloud Computing was not expected to win but I did choose him as my second choice only because the name reminded me or Michael - head in the clouds, loves computers.  LOL.

Here is the replay in case anyone wants to watch it again.  This announcer is really good - lots of enthusiasm.

The Belmont will be in 3 weeks.  Glad you guys watched!