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RE: DINNER THREAD -8/7/17 - 8/13/17 - Trixxee - 08-10-2017

The gyro was great but the price is now $12.   Kind of nutty.

We are having the chicken chili we never made two days ago.  Looking forward to it.

RE: DINNER THREAD -8/7/17 - 8/13/17 - Gourmet_Mom - 08-10-2017

Boy, that is high!!!

I made the Garlicky Chicken Alfredo for dinner.  I used broccoli instead of peas, and I finally remembered that I wanted to try Pecorino much better than Parmesan!  I used all Romano instead of an Italian Blend pre packaged stuff.  It was much better than I remembered.

RE: DINNER THREAD -8/7/17 - 8/13/17 - Mare749 - 08-10-2017

I had lunch out with Holly today. We shared 3 fish tacos that were a good size. So, wasn't very hungry for dinner. Ron had chili and I made a chopped salad topped with tuna and chickpeas.

That does sound high for a gyro, but maybe it's because it was at the fair so they think they can get away with it? They average $8-9 around here and are usually a pretty good size. One of my favorite sandwiches.

RE: DINNER THREAD -8/7/17 - 8/13/17 - Harborwitch - 08-11-2017

Last night's dinner was leftover Stroganoff.  I was feeling like crap . . . 

Tonight was a salad with leftover chicken.  Easy peasy.   

Bob finally insisted that I go to the Dr today because of GI issues that I've been dealing with for a few weeks.  3 + hrs at the walk in clinic . . . lab work, xrays only to find out that I have the worst case of gas she has ever seen!  Sooooo now I'm on a FODMAP diet for a couple weeks.  It's like gluten free and lactose free on steroids.  I haven't been able to eat anymore than a 1/2 a cup or so of food at a time . . . like 2x a day so I'm willing to do anything!  Plus I found a website with amazing recipes that I can't wait to try!

On the up side - all of my labs were great!  In fact she was astounded at my liver tests - perfection!  And she knows I drink.   Rolleyes  It's only for a couple weeks and then I can start adding foods back.  The hardest part is onions and garlic are no no's for the time being! Dodgy  It's not going to be too hard, other than that.  

I have to say I love this PA - this is the 2nd time I've seen her and she is astoundingly thorough and shows test results and goes through each item with you.   Heart

RE: DINNER THREAD -8/7/17 - 8/13/17 - Mare749 - 08-11-2017

Hope you feel better, Sharon. Looking at the FODMAP list of acceptable foods and recipes, I didn't think it looked that restrictive for a short term diet/solution. Is this similar to what the doc recommended? It looks like portion control and eliminating spicy foods is a big part of it.

We are going to have fried flounder filets, coleslaw and sliced tomatoes tonight. French fries for Ron.

RE: DINNER THREAD -8/7/17 - 8/13/17 - cjs - 08-11-2017

Oh Sharon - good luck with all this!!!

RE: DINNER THREAD -8/7/17 - 8/13/17 - cjs - 08-11-2017

T.G.I.F. Dinner, 8/11/17??

(sorry, I'm late!)  What's for dinner today??

RE: DINNER THREAD -8/7/17 - 8/13/17 - Mare749 - 08-11-2017

I already posted mine before you came on today. Big Grin

RE: DINNER THREAD -8/7/17 - 8/13/17 - Harborwitch - 08-11-2017

Thank you Jean & Maryann.  It's very similar Maryann and it will be a matter of eliminating most of the high FODMAP foods for a while and then adding them back in one at a time and logging it all. She didn't mention spicy food . . . I don't think I could go there for too long.  The hardest part is that most of my favorite veggies are on the NO list.

I've been through this with dairy and have been able to add back in cultured dairy products and cheese.  Milk and cottage cheese we buy lactose free.  I will just have to be really  good for a couple weeks.  

Maybe burgers tonight?  It's freakin' hot here and the motivation to get too involved is pretty low.  I have gluten free buns, fish burgers or beef to choose from.  Sliced cucumbers to go with.   Or maybe just a chicken salad again.   No inspiration tonight.

It's supposed to start cooling off this next week . . . down to the mid to upper 80's!

RE: DINNER THREAD -8/7/17 - 8/13/17 - Gourmet_Mom - 08-12-2017

Sharon, that's a lot to have to deal with!

We had steak night tonight.  So tired!!!