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RE: DINNER THREAD -8/7/17 - 8/13/17 - cjs - 08-12-2017

Saturday's Dinner, 8/12/17??

What's for dinner?? 

Game Hen here and a cabbage dish I've been wanting to try (uses up lots of goodies :Smile

RE: DINNER THREAD -8/7/17 - 8/13/17 - Mare749 - 08-12-2017

We're going to the Dragon Boat Races and Festival down on the lake, so street food is a possibility. We will also go to Asia Foods afterwards for some goodies, so if we don't find much at the festival, we can always pick up banh mi.

RE: DINNER THREAD -8/7/17 - 8/13/17 - Trixxee - 08-12-2017

Hope your tummy gets to feeling better soon - no fun.

We are having the last 2 rib eye ends or whatever they were called (the tenderest part of the rib eye fastened with twine to form a pinwheel type of thing).  Costco, of course.

Will split a diced roasted sweet potato with lime and cilantro, and a simple salad with croutons.

RE: DINNER THREAD -8/7/17 - 8/13/17 - Gourmet_Mom - 08-13-2017

Trixxee, I look at your meal and feel like I need to hide!  LOL!

I have been craving my mom's chicken salad for weeks!  But making it with no fridge would have been wasteful.  So today was the day!  The bonus is I get to use the broth for pastry and baby butterbeans.  Thanks to interruptions from Andrew and my mother, dinner was late, so William and Tilley ate the leftover steak from last night.  So I guess this will be dinner tomorrow night, too.  OIY!

Now for my rant.  I know Lowe's is a high end grocery store, but today was ridiculous!!!!  I went to get a whole chicken, and there were at $8+ and one at $12+.  REALLY?!?  But I grabbed the $8 one reluctantly.  Another thing I've wanted to do was a ham.  Smithfield is a local brand, but they had a Frick brand.  I didn't look to see why it was so expensive, but are you kidding me?!?!?!  FIFTY-FIVE DOLLARS FOR A HAM?!?!?!  NO WAY!!!!

I rarely shop for food at Walmart for regular groceries, but today was the day.  I took all my stuff back and walked out! I have cousins that raise chickens for Sanderson Farms, and like I said, Smithfield pork is another local product.  I got my ham for $10+ and the whole chickens were on sale.  I paid $1.98 for a nice sized chicken!  The difference in pricing was CRAZY!!!!!  

I may have to drive over to the city to Harris Teeter or Sam's Club now that I am trying to plan weekly menus to get better deals.  I'll give it time to see if I continue weekly planning.  I hope to keep it up!

Rant over!  Thank you for listening.

RE: DINNER THREAD -8/7/17 - 8/13/17 - cjs - 08-13-2017

Well, I'd say that was a rant worth having!! Our Lowes out here is a Hardware place - yours must be similar to Whole Foods or upscale?? Ridiculous prices tho.

RE: DINNER THREAD -8/7/17 - 8/13/17 - cjs - 08-13-2017

Sunday Dinner, 8/13/17??

What's for dinner around here?? 

Leftovers here - I'm thinking just some wraps and using up  the game hens.

Good dinner last night, Trixxee??

RE: DINNER THREAD -8/7/17 - 8/13/17 - Mare749 - 08-13-2017

Yes, I'm curious about those rib-eyes from Costco. Were you happy with them? I could stop in there today when we go see the in-laws.

Daphne, those really are high prices at Lowes. I'm surprised they can stay in business. I have been pretty happy shopping at our newly re-built Walmart now that it is a super center. I love the wide aisles, something that is rare in our other grocery stores. However, I have not been buying meat there since we have a good meat store close to home with competitive prices. Also, use Sam's club, especially for chicken and ribs.

We are going to put pizza on the grill later today. Yesterday, I had to go give my diabetic grandkitty his shot and feed him. Well, I discovered several gorgeous tomatoes calling my name in Heather's garden! So margherita pizza it will be.

This morning I'm making those apple pie cookies that Jean posted. I will keep one or two, but the rest are going to the in-laws. They love their sweets!

RE: DINNER THREAD -8/7/17 - 8/13/17 - Gourmet_Mom - 08-13-2017

IJean, it's not quite as bad as Whole Foods.  And it hasn't been that bad in recent weeks.  It's actually one of the things I liked about staying down here.  That's one of the reasons I found it so shocking.

Maryann, with the Walmart superstore right across the street, I shop for most staples there, but meats and produce are the things I had been getting at Lowe's.  I guess I will be renewing my Sam's club membership and making runs to the city for beef needs. I don't mind buying pork and poultry from Walmart since they are prepackaged from brands I trust.

Dinner will be the pastry, butter beans and chicken salad that we were supposed to have last night.  Since I don't need to cook, I may make my potato salad and bake my ham for Monday.

RE: DINNER THREAD -8/7/17 - 8/13/17 - cjs - 08-13-2017

another day of good sounding food....may have to run to someone's house!!! Smile Smile Smile

RE: DINNER THREAD -8/7/17 - 8/13/17 - Trixxee - 08-14-2017

The rib eyes were fantastic.  You really didn't even a butter knife they were that tender (as they should be because of the cut and they were "prime".