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OT: Irma update - labradors - 09-09-2017

So far, it doesn't look as though it will be too bad here, since Irma has shifted more west. 

Even so, since power could go out and my mom uses a CPAP machine, we are in a shelter until after the storm.

There is a generator here and I brought my hotspot with me, so I may be able to post further updates throughout.

RE: OT: Irma update - labradors - 09-10-2017

The overall track has slid a little more to the west, so the forecast is for the worst to be in Key West and Tampa and maybe only 64-MPH winds for us.

RE: OT: Irma update - cjs - 09-10-2017

Oh Labs, thanks for checking in - we have been so worried about you and your Mom. Please stay as safe as possible!!

RE: OT: Irma update - Mare749 - 09-10-2017

So glad you checked in, Labs! Very smart to get your mom to a shelter. Was hoping my brother and SIL would take her elderly parents to one as they have a lot of trees around their house. But, as of last night, they were going to wait it out.

RE: OT: Irma update - Gourmet_Mom - 09-10-2017

Thanks for checking in, Labs!  I'm glad you took shelter.  I know how miserable it can be with no power.  I hope you aren't without power too long!

RE: OT: Irma update - labradors - 09-10-2017

AFAIK, the power hasn't gone out at home yet. We're here because of the potential that it may go out tonight.

So far, so good.

RE: OT: Irma update - cjs - 09-10-2017

What town are you in, Labs? (Or whoever knows....i can't remember)

RE: OT: Irma update - labradors - 09-11-2017


Not too bad here over night. Wind wasn't as bad as it would have been had the storm come up this coast.

Power is out but the shelter has a generator.

RE: OT: Irma update - cjs - 09-11-2017


RE: OT: Irma update - labradors - 09-11-2017

Back home and power was just restored. No damage for us.