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DINNER THREAD---10/16 to 10/22/17 - Mare749 - 10-16-2017

What's for dinner?

I can't believe we are going out to eat again, but we are.  We have a coupon to use for a free appetizer at this place, where we had Ron's birthday party:

The meals are huge and heavy, so we're just going to the bar part of the restaurant for happy hour and appetizers.  We don't need another huge meal after last night's feast.

The wedding menu was buffet, but everything was hot and properly prepared. There were passed appetizers and they were very good, crostini topped with a nice pink piece of thinly sliced steak and topped with an avocado sauce, pork belly bites that were well done, not too fatty, and nicely crisp on the outside, and ceviche in perfect little tortilla shells.  The dinner buffet had a mixed green salad, penne with pork ragu, chicken roulades with apple stuffing, garlic mashed potatoes, green beans with cippolini onions, and a huge assortment of rolls and breads. The wedding cake was from an Asian bakery and was a perfect sponge cake filled with whipped cream and strawberries. Even the coffee was done right, nice and strong. Wink

RE: DINNER THREAD---9/16 to 9/22/17 - Trixxee - 10-16-2017

Wow - all of that sounds so great MA.  We do happen to have an Asian bakery that is opening right around the corner.  I think they are a few months away but I see a lot of activity over there.  There are several locations in the county already.

I've got a chuck roast in the slow cooker for chili colorado.  I'm going to make a beef and bean tostada out of mine instead of a ginormous burrito.

RE: DINNER THREAD---9/16 to 9/22/17 - Mare749 - 10-16-2017

That bakery looks amazing, T! I love egg custard tarts and cream puffs. It's a good thing it's not going to be right around the corner from me.

RE: DINNER THREAD---9/16 to 9/22/17 - Gourmet_Mom - 10-16-2017

Maryann, your wedding reception sounds AMAZING!

Have I mentioned we have an AWESOME bakery two doors down from a the office?  They have the most amazing glazed and filled croissants!  I have limited my visits to once or twice a month!

Tonight is spaghetti, only because I have the sauce already made.

RE: DINNER THREAD---9/16 to 9/22/17 - Trixxee - 10-17-2017

Not going to be anything overly exciting here - leftovers!  Another chili colorado tostada.  It's just as well - today's is Michael's late day at school - we won't be home until after 5:00 so leftovers will work out well. 

I don't envy his schedule on Tuesdays:

8:15-10:15 Calculus Supplemental Instruction
10:30-12:30 Calculus
1:30-4:40 Film and TV History (which is a lot more work than you would EVER expect).  Wink

RE: DINNER THREAD---9/16 to 9/22/17 - Mare749 - 10-17-2017

Wow. Michael's Tuesday sounds like brain overload to me! God bless him for his determination!

Tonight is reception #2 at the Chinese Palace in Old Chinatown, one of my favorite restaurants. We are eating as little as possible today because this is going to be one big feast. I will try to remember to take pix!

RE: DINNER THREAD---9/16 to 9/22/17 - Gourmet_Mom - 10-17-2017

I need to do the Chile Colorado soon! 

Have fun, Maryann!

We had blackeyed peas with smoked sausage.

RE: DINNER THREAD---9/16 to 9/22/17 - Trixxee - 10-18-2017

How was it MA?

Tonight I'm making the french onion chicken that Carylann made the other day.  Served over riced vegetables.  I really need this last 5 pounds to go away.  I have 2 months to do it in -I think I can do it if I'm pretty strict.

PS - Maryann - I think the dates are off in the title of this thread.  It says September.  Took me three days to notice that.  Wink

RE: DINNER THREAD---10/16 to 10/22/17 - Harborwitch - 10-18-2017

I had big plans for last night's dinner . . . but missing ingredients scotched that.  We grabbed some gluten free already prepped meatballs at Winco and I added them to doctored pasta sauce with extra tomatoes.  Gluten free pasta and a kale salad finished the dinner.  

I changed the dates.

Tonight will be Fresh Chorizo & Potato Tacos with  sides yet to be determined by a trip to the fruit/farm stand this afternoon.

RE: DINNER THREAD---10/16 to 10/22/17 - Mare749 - 10-18-2017

Wow, I really am side-tracked this week. Thanks for noticing the dates, T. Thanks, Sharon for changing the date in the thread. I edited my first post and was able to change the date in the post subject as well. So, we should be all straight now.

Last night's reception was AMAZING! You guys are all going to be so annoyed with me, but I was so busy taking pictures of people at the reception, that I didn't take any of the food! I'm so sorry, too, because we actually ate our way through 13 courses! Don't ask me how!

We had Hong Kong style soup that had pork and shrimp dumplings in it. That was followed by 3 appetizers; some other kind of dumpling, some slices of pork belly that I didn't eat because it was fatty, and some pieces of duck. Then, there were slices of duck, nicely cooked and fat rendered, to have in moo shu pancakes with lettuce and hoisin sauce.

After that, the entrees started coming out. There was a chicken dish, and a sweet/sour breaded pork chop dish, then a dish with pieces of lobster, a big shell of some kind filled with a lovely seafood entree, (shrimp, scallops, white fish, vegetables and sauce) then they brought out huge dishes of white rice, fried rice with shrimp, lo mein noodles, and garlic green beans. Then, the desserts came out. Big platters of the sweetest pineapple I have ever eaten, then pineapple topped egg custard tarts, and finally wedding cake.

Everyone was given take out containers to load up any of the food that was left over, something that caterer's never allow. The bride had two traditional Chinese gowns that she wore during the evening, changing about half way through. It was certainly an interesting and delicious reception! I will try to load a couple of pix on here tomorrow that other people took.