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DINNER THREAD - 11/6-11-12 - Trixxee - 11-06-2017

What's on the menu for everyone today?  We picked up a salad yesterday from Costco that has baby greens, bleu cheese crumbles, roasted sweet potatoes, candied walnuts and dried cranberries.  It came with an apple cider/balsamic dressing that's pretty good.  I'm going to saute a chicken breast and slice that to top it with.  Easy night.

RE: DINNER THREAD - 11/6-11-12 - Mare749 - 11-06-2017

So, I brought home the turkey bones and frame and split it all between two crockpots. Added an onion and some celery, filled with water and let it go all night. This morning I have a beautiful golden soup stock to work with. Turkey noodle soup using Jean's favorite recipe that has become our favorite as well. My house smells amazing right now. Soup for dinner! Smile

RE: DINNER THREAD - 11/6-11-12 - Gourmet_Mom - 11-07-2017

Sounds like a great short cut dinner, Trixxee!  I hadn't thought of add on salads in quite that way!  Thanks for the tip!

Oh Maryann!  I love a good broth for soup!  I have considered that for dinner several times recently! Given the stock recipe....I came so close to doing my chicken pot pie tonight!  But I opted for my Grannies Hamburger Pot Pie because we both skipped lunch and this was faster.  Plus, this is one of those old timey recipes that Jean and i shared.  Soooo good

RE: DINNER THREAD - 11/6-11-12 - Trixxee - 11-07-2017

Welcome.  Your dinners both sounds great, MA and Daphne.

Tonight is another easy one - this afternoon I'll make some tuna salad (very basic - celery, mayo, scallions, lemon) and serve it over a half an avocado.

RE: DINNER THREAD - 11/6-11-12 - Mare749 - 11-07-2017

The soup I made was so good we're going to have it again tonight along with a salad and breadsticks.

RE: DINNER THREAD - 11/6-11-12 - Trixxee - 11-07-2017

OK, scrap that.  Apparently Tony is planning on running out for a tuna sandwich for lunch.  What are the odds?

So now it's grilled salmon with that spice rub from the chicken tacos.  Daphne gave me the idea to put it on seafood.  I'm thinking green beans jazzed up somehow on the side.

RE: DINNER THREAD - 11/6-11-12 - Harborwitch - 11-07-2017

Last night we had the "sheet pan" dinner Denise posted on the FB page.  I chose the one with pears, butternut squash, red onions, pork chops.  It was absolutely wonderful.  Bob agrees that this one is a winner.

As an aside; I got the little thumb drive with all the editions from 1997 to 2017 on it.  Now I can sell or give away all my old issues. I think I'll see if the culinary program at the local high school would like them. I also subscribed for this year.

RE: DINNER THREAD - 11/6-11-12 - Gourmet_Mom - 11-07-2017

That's too funny, Trixxee!  And I'm glad you liked the idea for the seafood!

We are having leftovers with a big salad, also.  We had a big lunch at our favorite seafood restaurant today, so I decided we don't need much for dinner.

RE: DINNER THREAD - 11/6-11-12 - losblanos1 - 11-07-2017

Soup here also, Boursin potato soup with bacon and chives.

RE: DINNER THREAD - 11/6-11-12 - Harborwitch - 11-07-2017

Soup sounds good, but not planned for.  I planned for a quick pork stew . . . but I couldn't find my little jar of Vegeta.  Then we had to go to the "big city" to get gas for our trip to Wenatchee tomorrow and that put us close to the European Grocery store/deli where I get Vegeta.  I now have a little over 4 lbs of it.  LOL  Pork stew with turnips, carrots, potatoes, white wine and Vegeta.  I also got a container of "Spring Vegetable Seasoning" which is very similar, but contains dill.   Tongue  I should be good for a while!