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We Have Landed! - Harborwitch - 12-09-2017

I haven't had a lot of time to compose my thoughts and share what's happening on our new adventure.

I love being close to the ocean!  I really like our new employer.  I love the fact that the grocery stores here have incredible gluten free selections!

The park . . . . rustic is a kind word.  Our rig is a 97 . . . . I think it's the newest rig here.  I realize how truly blessed that Bob and I are able to live the life we do and have our health.  I was not sure I wanted to stay . . . and I still have my doubts  (Jeff & Berta offered to help us move back to Wa. in the Spring).  Most of the residents seem very nice - but very down on their luck, disabled, or ?  There are a lot of senior citizens in here that live in conditions that make me want to cry and I understand why the owners turn a "kind eye".   It is a far cry from the millionaire class at the golf course . . . we are making sure that we keep everything locked up, at least until we feel more comfortable with the residents.  There used to be a lot of druggies in here and they have all been evicted.  

The owners have gone out of their way to accommodate us and make sure that we are comfortable.  I have a business cell phone, a "nice" RV site, extra storage space, they are installing broadband internet and a land line for us - at their expense.  2nd day I got keys, combinations, a laptop, CC swiper for the cell phone, and all the necessary passwords and accounts.  We have a view of the river through the evergreens and the dumpy trailers.  As rough and decrepit as 90% of these rigs are . . . most of them have Christmas decoration!  

Bonus points . . . my desk looks out onto the Alsea River.  Although we haven't seen them yet, there are elk, river otters (and baby otters!), and lots of different ducks and birds.  Beaches are close!  Now to find doctors and explore all the things there are around here (including bead stores, crafty places, harbors, etc)  We are not quitters so we will see how much of a difference we can make!  Karin said we would fit right in . . . I don't want to fit right in, I want to be an example!

RE: We Have Landed! - Mare749 - 12-10-2017

There are a lot of positives to your new situation, Sharon. It sounds like there is a lot of work to be done, but not necessarily impossible to achieve. People just need to feel some pride in their park and it could take time.

RE: We Have Landed! - Gourmet_Mom - 12-12-2017

I agree with Maryann....try to focus on the positive and try to make a difference.

RE: We Have Landed! - Harborwitch - 12-13-2017

The reality of the situation of so many of these people is stunning . . . especially after the golf course!  We are going to do what we can . . . and hopefully make a difference!

RE: We Have Landed! - Gourmet_Mom - 12-13-2017

As Jean would say, “Knockers up!  You can do this!”   Angel

RE: We Have Landed! - Harborwitch - 12-13-2017

Smile Heart Smile Heart  Thank you Daphne!  I am going to do what I can . . . sitting and crying won't help any of them, but oh man some of them are going to be a trial!

RE: We Have Landed! - Harborwitch - 12-22-2017

Two weeks in and we have a much better idea of the goings on here.  Bob and I are getting into a routine - figuring out how to make things easier and getting settled into our new neighborhood.  

We are still keeping our stuff locked, but I'm not feeling as nervous as before.  The stories about some of the residents would break your heart . . . and we are learning about the goofballs and the normal folks.  I am amazed at how much effort the residents are putting into cleaning up!  Even the worst of the messes seem to be getting dealt with.  It's positive.

As we explore the area we are falling in love with it.  We still miss so much about "home" . . . one of the tellers at our bank there called today to see how we were doing and wish us a happy holiday!   Heart  But the tellers at the bank I do business business with are very nice and the tellers at the local branch of US Bank are really welcoming.  The local grocery store has lots of gluten free stuff, lots of gourmet stuff, and prices through the roof!  I think we'll try to do most of our shopping in Newport - better prices.

We stopped at the local bead store today and WOW!  The owner is amazing and her inventory is mind bending!  She does beautiful lampworked beads.  We had a very good time.

RE: We Have Landed! - Mare749 - 12-22-2017

So nice to hear you are settling in and that you have time to go out and explore. Seemed like at the other place you were always working. Take some more pics of the terrain when you are out on one of your adventures. Would love to see Oregon, but might not ever make it out there. Big Grin

RE: We Have Landed! - Gourmet_Mom - 12-22-2017

Sharon, I’m so glad to see there are more positive things in your life now!  And I knew you guys would make a difference!