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BRRRRR! - Gourmet_Mom - 01-03-2018

Rare coastal winter weather here!  Freezing rain coming down now with snow on the way.  Not sure how much accumulation we’ll have, but even the least bit of ice can cause serious problems with power outages.  I know this isn’t that big of an event in most places, but our area isn’t equipped for this kind of weather.  

But I’m ready...lots of propane tanks are full, and dinners for several days are planned.  Tonight is Jeans spaghetti sauce, and French Dips, chili or School House Soup, and Chicken Noodle Soup ingredients are ready for the next few days.  We’ll be warm and cozy with comfort food ready to go!  Stay safe and warm for those of you in the sights of this storm!

RE: BRRRRR! - pjcooks - 01-03-2018

Good luck, Daphne!  We've been dealing with it since November (used to it but doesn't make it easier! Rolleyes  At least it got up to 29 degrees today, quite a break from the below zeros and teens we've been living with for over a month.  University is closing down tomorrow, rare when all the students are on winter break.   And I get to sleep in!

RE: BRRRRR! - Mare749 - 01-04-2018

Stay safe, Daphne. Are you still going to stay in town once the storm gets close? I think that I would be heading out to the farm for a few days...

We've had some pretty cold temps here. 12 degrees today, real feel -1. It finally stopped snowing, so we are able to get out.

Nice to see you PJ! Enjoy your day off!

RE: BRRRRR! - Gourmet_Mom - 01-04-2018

Have a great day off, PJ!  Good to see you!

Maryann, we stayed here.  Plenty of propane and close to civilization.  Much more comfortable.

RE: BRRRRR! - Harborwitch - 01-05-2018

Stay safe, warm and dry everyone.  I worry about all of you.  Daphne, Maryann and PJ . . . and everyone getting hit by this monster storm . . . we will be thinking of you.

I feel really guilty reporting that our low temp tonight is supposed to be . . . . 49!   I am so glad we got out of the frozen zone before serious winter hit.

RE: BRRRRR! - Gourmet_Mom - 01-05-2018

Managed to open the office late morning.  Got some work done, saved a large chunk of money by asking the right person about using our software on two computers, ran to the store to get a couple of fillets to celebrate, and got home before the nasty places left on the roads where the sun wasn’t able to melt froze over again.  We just don’t have the equipment to remove the mess down here.  They say trucks are on the way.  We need them.  It’s not going to get much over freezing until mid day Monday.  The trip over the bridge to the island to deliver a map today was a nail-biter!

Most businesses are either closed or running on short midday hours to keep employees safe.  I thought that was incredibly considerate.  The bank where Ashley works opened at 11 and closed at 4.

RE: BRRRRR! - Harborwitch - 01-06-2018

Oh Daphne!  Please be safe.  Overpasses and bridges are the worst.

We are so happy to be somewhere where the weather is so moderate!  Thank heavens!

RE: BRRRRR! - pjcooks - 01-06-2018

It must be a nightmare for you, Daphne!  Unexpected and unprepared,  you're not supposed to get New England weather!   It's not fun here but we are prepared for it, it is New Hampshire, after all.  Maybe 15 inches on top of the 8 or 10 we already had.  And that was ice packed so we're in it for a while.  A friend was telling me his son in Alaska was enjoying 45 degree days, go figure. 5 below here, at the moment Huh  They are doing a good job at keeping roads open.  I feel bad for my co workers in catering,  they have to drive and deliver in this mess.  I only have to cook right now Smile  Three proven ideas to get you through-  a good fire in the fireplace, Netflix ( or a good book in case of power outage), and a lovely glass  or 3 of a nice wine.  It''s how we get through winter Big Grin Just noticed wind chill is -15. Nice.

RE: BRRRRR! - Mare749 - 01-06-2018

PJ, that's A LOT of snow! Wow. Not nearly as much here, but it is still cold. Really looking forward to the thaw. Big Grin This is the first year that I have ever thought about spending winters in a warmer climate. Ron wants to try and work for 3 more years, but then I think we're going to clear out of here during the winter months.

Sharon, I would bet you are wondering why the he!! didn't we do this sooner!!!! So glad your new home has a more moderate climate. Sounds like you don't even need winter coats there, just good rain gear! Please take some more photos sometime soon of the surrounding terrain. Small towns are my favorite. Have you had a chance to visit a few?

Daphne, sounds like you made the right choice to stay in town. Do you use salt to melt the ice there, or is that not even available where you live? Lake Erie has a salt mine underneath it, so we have an abundance of it here and that is what is used on the roads and sidewalks. But, when talking with people from other parts of the country, they have no idea what I'm even talking about.

PJ, what is used on the roads in the Great White North?

RE: BRRRRR! - pjcooks - 01-07-2018

Salt and sand.  More salt right now, where there is bare pavement, the roads are white from the salt.  We're getting above freezing this week!

Picky is talking about going South too, for the winter, but I can't leave work for a few more years:-(